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We have 273,029 Missouri employee salaries in our database. Average Missouri state employee salary is $44,817 and median salary is $42,760. Look up state of Missouri employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Kansas City by school name or teacher name.

Missouri Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Missouri Department of Revenue
20221,952avg: $24,983median: $21,107
Missouri Department of Revenue2022 1,952 $24,983$21,107View Details
Southeast Missouri State University
20221,791avg: $39,693median: $36,555
Southeast Missouri State University2022 1,791 $39,693$36,555View Details
City of Springfield
20221,760avg: $54,372median: $54,068
City of Springfield2022 1,760 $54,372$54,068View Details
University of Missouri at St. Louis
20221,690avg: $48,425median: $43,358
University of Missouri at St. Louis2022 1,690 $48,425$43,358View Details
Missouri Department of Agriculture
20221,294avg: $14,476median: $1,615
Missouri Department of Agriculture2022 1,294 $14,476$1,615View Details
Jackson County
20221,244avg: $48,508median: $47,226
Jackson County2022 1,244 $48,508$47,226View Details
Metropolitan Community College
20221,203avg: $43,836median: $49,238
Metropolitan Community College2022 1,203 $43,836$49,238View Details
Missouri University of Science and Technology
20221,166avg: $60,094median: $45,173
Missouri University of Science and Technology2022 1,166 $60,094$45,173View Details
Greene County
20221,087avg: $46,131median: $47,054
Greene County2022 1,087 $46,131$47,054View Details
St Charles County
20221,062avg: $57,012median: $53,943
St Charles County2022 1,062 $57,012$53,943View Details
City of Columbia
20221,044avg: $53,981median: $51,209
City of Columbia2022 1,044 $53,981$51,209View Details
Saint Charles Community College
20221,031avg: $25,829median: $11,561
Saint Charles Community College2022 1,031 $25,829$11,561View Details
City of Independence
20221,024avg: $73,447median: $68,095
City of Independence2022 1,024 $73,447$68,095View Details
Lincoln University
20221,015avg: $22,169median: $9,417
Lincoln University2022 1,015 $22,169$9,417View Details
Springfield Utilities
2022960avg: $87,279median: $83,959
Springfield Utilities2022 960 $87,279$83,959View Details
St. Louis County Special School District Central Office
2022842avg: $76,296median: $74,329
St. Louis County Special School District Central Office2022 842 $76,296$74,329View Details
Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
2022808avg: $36,406median: $35,938
Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations2022 808 $36,406$35,938View Details
Missouri Legislature
2022740avg: $41,791median: $36,776
Missouri Legislature2022 740 $41,791$36,776View Details
Missouri Southern State University
2022733avg: $34,575median: $27,812
Missouri Southern State University2022 733 $34,575$27,812View Details
City of Lee's Summit
2022706avg: $62,377median: $60,774
City of Lee's Summit2022 706 $62,377$60,774View Details