Missouri State Employee Salaries | Page 3

We have 273,029 Missouri employee salaries in our database. Average Missouri state employee salary is $44,817 and median salary is $42,760. Look up state of Missouri employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Kansas City by school name or teacher name.

Missouri Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Boone County
2022672avg: $42,839median: $42,141
Boone County2022 672 $42,839$42,141View Details
Jefferson County
2022667avg: $48,061median: $47,737
Jefferson County2022 667 $48,061$47,737View Details
City of Saint Joseph
2022663avg: $48,808median: $48,618
City of Saint Joseph2022 663 $48,808$48,618View Details
Moberly Area Community College
2022600avg: $23,569median: $12,015
Moberly Area Community College2022 600 $23,569$12,015View Details
Jefferson College - Hillsboro
2022571avg: $30,233median: $12,110
Jefferson College - Hillsboro2022 571 $30,233$12,110View Details
Clay County
2022537avg: $48,581median: $47,368
Clay County2022 537 $48,581$47,368View Details
Central High (Springfield R-XII School District)
2022509avg: $31,741median: $40,745
Central High (Springfield R-XII School District)2022 509 $31,741$40,745View Details
East Central College
2022498avg: $25,013median: $8,280
East Central College2022 498 $25,013$8,280View Details
City of O'Fallon
2022488avg: $57,239median: $56,810
City of O'Fallon2022 488 $57,239$56,810View Details
City of Saint Charles
2022487avg: $68,494median: $69,392
City of Saint Charles2022 487 $68,494$69,392View Details
Missouri Office of Attorney General
2022479avg: $41,352median: $38,038
Missouri Office of Attorney General2022 479 $41,352$38,038View Details
City of Joplin
2022468avg: $42,080median: $41,159
City of Joplin2022 468 $42,080$41,159View Details
Missouri Department of Higher Education
2022450avg: $31,969median: $31,149
Missouri Department of Higher Education2022 450 $31,969$31,149View Details
City of Saint Peters
2022445avg: $67,201median: $66,855
City of Saint Peters2022 445 $67,201$66,855View Details
City of Jefferson City
2022430avg: $51,478median: $51,422
City of Jefferson City2022 430 $51,478$51,422View Details
Mid-Continent Public Library
2022429avg: $42,505median: $39,526
Mid-Continent Public Library2022 429 $42,505$39,526View Details
Mineral Area College
2022420avg: $20,148median: $6,061
Mineral Area College2022 420 $20,148$6,061View Details
City of Chesterfield
2022395avg: $38,677median: $39,021
City of Chesterfield2022 395 $38,677$39,021View Details
City of Cape Girardeau
2022370avg: $45,403median: $44,444
City of Cape Girardeau2022 370 $45,403$44,444View Details
Cole County
2022348avg: $45,544median: $46,129
Cole County2022 348 $45,544$46,129View Details