New Jersey Employers

Employers Number 8451

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Winfield School
201927avg: $60,209median: $58,065
Winfield School2019 27 $60,209$58,065View Details
Winslow Township Fire District 1
201927avg: $74,440median: $78,467
Winslow Township Fire District 12019 27 $74,440$78,467View Details
Winslow Twp Fire District 1
201827avg: $66,426median: $70,040
Winslow Twp Fire District 12018 27 $66,426$70,040View Details
Treasury-Capitol Post Office
201827avg: $53,653median: $51,112
Treasury-Capitol Post Office2018 27 $53,653$51,112View Details
Union City Housing Authority
201727avg: $49,007median: $37,500
Union City Housing Authority2017 27 $49,007$37,500View Details
Warren County Community Colleg
201727avg: $45,573median: $50,282
Warren County Community Colleg2017 27 $45,573$50,282View Details
Uncommon Schools
201627avg: $59,426median: $55,000
Uncommon Schools2016 27 $59,426$55,000View Details
Sea Girt Boro
201627avg: $62,274median: $60,999
Sea Girt Boro2016 27 $62,274$60,999View Details
Weymouth Twp
201527avg: $53,325median: $56,150
Weymouth Twp2015 27 $53,325$56,150View Details
Township Of Hampton
201527avg: $29,153median: $32,790
Township Of Hampton2015 27 $29,153$32,790View Details
Village Of Loch Arbour
201527avg: $5,900median: $3,962
Village Of Loch Arbour2015 27 $5,900$3,962View Details
Township Of New Hanover
201527avg: $13,248median: $7,176
Township Of New Hanover2015 27 $13,248$7,176View Details
Township Of Fredon
201527avg: $19,776median: $8,880
Township Of Fredon2015 27 $19,776$8,880View Details
Pohatcong Township
201926avg: $71,146median: $72,782
Pohatcong Township2019 26 $71,146$72,782View Details
Monmouth Beach Borough
201826avg: $80,861median: $71,984
Monmouth Beach Borough2018 26 $80,861$71,984View Details
East Newark Borough Bd Of Ed
201826avg: $45,294median: $44,849
East Newark Borough Bd Of Ed2018 26 $45,294$44,849View Details
Edgewater Park Township
201726avg: $59,507median: $61,889
Edgewater Park Township2017 26 $59,507$61,889View Details
Cape May City
201626avg: $62,055median: $58,675
Cape May City2016 26 $62,055$58,675View Details
Englewood On The Palisades Cs
201626avg: $74,186median: $65,546
Englewood On The Palisades Cs2016 26 $74,186$65,546View Details
Borough Of Dunellen
201526avg: $26,927median: $14,999
Borough Of Dunellen2015 26 $26,927$14,999View Details

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