New Jersey State Employee Salaries | 2015

We have 356,656 New Jersey employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in NJ is $59,296 and median salary is $58,980. Look up NJ public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

New Jersey Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
County Of Monmouth
20156,422avg: $29,939median: $10,498
County Of Monmouth2015 6,422 $29,939$10,498View Details
Newark City
20153,870avg: $77,351median: $77,525
Newark City2015 3,870 $77,351$77,525View Details
City Of Jersey
20153,756avg: $65,879median: $48,263
City Of Jersey2015 3,756 $65,879$48,263View Details
County Of Essex
20153,586avg: $67,609median: $65,507
County Of Essex2015 3,586 $67,609$65,507View Details
City Of Newark
20153,190avg: $66,796median: $66,579
City Of Newark2015 3,190 $66,796$66,579View Details
County Of Union
20153,132avg: $53,915median: $53,047
County Of Union2015 3,132 $53,915$53,047View Details
County Of Bergen
20153,010avg: $72,293median: $58,224
County Of Bergen2015 3,010 $72,293$58,224View Details
Jersey City
20152,929avg: $78,973median: $79,360
Jersey City2015 2,929 $78,973$79,360View Details
Paterson City
20152,839avg: $66,338median: $55,202
Paterson City2015 2,839 $66,338$55,202View Details
County Of Camden
20152,749avg: $56,720median: $56,730
County Of Camden2015 2,749 $56,720$56,730View Details
County Of Gloucester
20152,577avg: $52,936median: $54,305
County Of Gloucester2015 2,577 $52,936$54,305View Details
State Police - Enlisted Personnel
20152,526avg: $96,509median: $105,988
State Police - Enlisted Personnel2015 2,526 $96,509$105,988View Details
Elizabeth City
20152,513avg: $80,259median: $79,184
Elizabeth City2015 2,513 $80,259$79,184View Details
County Of Passaic
20152,437avg: $57,344median: $50,724
County Of Passaic2015 2,437 $57,344$50,724View Details
County Of Ocean
20152,412avg: $50,899median: $45,617
County Of Ocean2015 2,412 $50,899$45,617View Details
Central Office
20152,389avg: $71,709median: $75,330
Central Office2015 2,389 $71,709$75,330View Details
County Of Middlesex
20152,291avg: $58,537median: $52,784
County Of Middlesex2015 2,291 $58,537$52,784View Details
20151,958avg: $85,977median: $81,758
Judiciary2015 1,958 $85,977$81,758View Details
County Of Morris
20151,931avg: $54,099median: $48,692
County Of Morris2015 1,931 $54,099$48,692View Details
City Of Elizabeth
20151,874avg: $56,253median: $45,554
City Of Elizabeth2015 1,874 $56,253$45,554View Details