New Jersey State Employee Salaries | 2016

We have 429,307 New Jersey employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in NJ is $56,517 and median salary is $56,835. Look up NJ public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

New Jersey Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of Rutgers
201636,829avg: $48,579median: $33,541
University Of Rutgers2016 36,829 $48,579$33,541View Details
University Of Montclair State
20167,809avg: $24,854median: $6,397
University Of Montclair State2016 7,809 $24,854$6,397View Details
County Of Monmouth
20166,300avg: $28,976median: $6,342
County Of Monmouth2016 6,300 $28,976$6,342View Details
University Of Rowan
20164,514avg: $48,815median: $35,957
University Of Rowan2016 4,514 $48,815$35,957View Details
City Of Newark
20163,885avg: $61,250median: $57,506
City Of Newark2016 3,885 $61,250$57,506View Details
Newark City
20163,698avg: $76,594median: $75,500
Newark City2016 3,698 $76,594$75,500View Details
County Of Essex
20163,595avg: $68,037median: $66,261
County Of Essex2016 3,595 $68,037$66,261View Details
City Of Jersey
20163,194avg: $73,865median: $56,610
City Of Jersey2016 3,194 $73,865$56,610View Details
State Police - Enlisted Personnel
20163,087avg: $90,670median: $101,884
State Police - Enlisted Personnel2016 3,087 $90,670$101,884View Details
University Of Stockton
20163,014avg: $32,351median: $10,400
University Of Stockton2016 3,014 $32,351$10,400View Details
County Of Union
20162,997avg: $57,559median: $56,482
County Of Union2016 2,997 $57,559$56,482View Details
Jersey City
20162,915avg: $82,727median: $85,960
Jersey City2016 2,915 $82,727$85,960View Details
Central Office
20162,778avg: $69,758median: $73,079
Central Office2016 2,778 $69,758$73,079View Details
County Of Camden
20162,690avg: $58,267median: $56,044
County Of Camden2016 2,690 $58,267$56,044View Details
City Of Paterson
20162,612avg: $48,426median: $32,031
City Of Paterson2016 2,612 $48,426$32,031View Details
Paterson City
20162,564avg: $72,546median: $61,263
Paterson City2016 2,564 $72,546$61,263View Details
Elizabeth City
20162,456avg: $77,637median: $76,629
Elizabeth City2016 2,456 $77,637$76,629View Details
County Of Ocean
20162,417avg: $50,418median: $45,278
County Of Ocean2016 2,417 $50,418$45,278View Details
County Of Passaic
20162,387avg: $53,706median: $46,022
County Of Passaic2016 2,387 $53,706$46,022View Details
County Of Middlesex
20162,373avg: $56,366median: $49,932
County Of Middlesex2016 2,373 $56,366$49,932View Details