New Jersey Employers

Employers Number 1438

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Absecon City
201680avg: $69,161median: $68,526
Absecon City2016 80 $69,161$68,526View Details
Academy Charter High School
201624avg: $64,657median: $53,918
Academy Charter High School2016 24 $64,657$53,918View Details
Academy For Urban Leadership Cs
201646avg: $54,451median: $50,144
Academy For Urban Leadership Cs2016 46 $54,451$50,144View Details
Accounting/auditing/civil Rights
2016110avg: $65,939median: $66,759
Accounting/auditing/civil Rights2016 110 $65,939$66,759View Details
Administration - Capital Post Office
201633avg: $46,936median: $47,630
Administration - Capital Post Office2016 33 $46,936$47,630View Details
Administration - Print Shop
201625avg: $43,237median: $45,963
Administration - Print Shop2016 25 $43,237$45,963View Details
Administration - Transportation Services
2016108avg: $47,150median: $59,710
Administration - Transportation Services2016 108 $47,150$59,710View Details
Administrative Division
2016148avg: $64,281median: $59,983
Administrative Division2016 148 $64,281$59,983View Details
Administrative Services
2016427avg: $59,757median: $61,638
Administrative Services2016 427 $59,757$61,638View Details
Adult Diagnostic And Treatment Center
2016549avg: $64,711median: $74,864
Adult Diagnostic And Treatment Center2016 549 $64,711$74,864View Details
2016176avg: $52,828median: $56,268
Agriculture2016 176 $52,828$56,268View Details
Agriculture - Federal Funds
2016138avg: $46,273median: $48,834
Agriculture - Federal Funds2016 138 $46,273$48,834View Details
Air And Freight Services
201657avg: $62,499median: $69,263
Air And Freight Services2016 57 $62,499$69,263View Details
Albert C. Wagner Youth Correctional
2016602avg: $56,987median: $64,020
Albert C. Wagner Youth Correctional2016 602 $56,987$64,020View Details
Alcoholic Beverage Control
201660avg: $68,440median: $70,495
Alcoholic Beverage Control2016 60 $68,440$70,495View Details
Alexandria Twp
201671avg: $72,400median: $69,817
Alexandria Twp2016 71 $72,400$69,817View Details
Allamuchy Twp
201638avg: $53,860median: $52,730
Allamuchy Twp2016 38 $53,860$52,730View Details
Allendale Boro
201691avg: $78,595median: $75,300
Allendale Boro2016 91 $78,595$75,300View Details
Alloway Twp
201640avg: $68,670median: $66,001
Alloway Twp2016 40 $68,670$66,001View Details
Alpha Boro
201624avg: $57,974median: $57,468
Alpha Boro2016 24 $57,974$57,468View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary