New Jersey Employers

Employers Number 1849

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
New Jersey Department of Children and Families
20206,430avg: $75,285median: $78,613
New Jersey Department of Children and Families2020 6,430 $75,285$78,613View Details
Newark Public Schools
20205,676avg: $68,642median: $62,382
Newark Public Schools2020 5,676 $68,642$62,382View Details
Rutgers University
20205,427avg: $53,794median: $49,315
Rutgers University2020 5,427 $53,794$49,315View Details
Jersey City Public Schools
20204,104avg: $74,144median: $66,560
Jersey City Public Schools2020 4,104 $74,144$66,560View Details
Elizabeth Public Schools
20203,915avg: $72,878median: $74,732
Elizabeth Public Schools2020 3,915 $72,878$74,732View Details
Paterson Public Schools
20203,454avg: $68,316median: $60,660
Paterson Public Schools2020 3,454 $68,316$60,660View Details
Essex County
20203,187avg: $74,654median: $74,395
Essex County2020 3,187 $74,654$74,395View Details
City of Newark
20203,030avg: $77,641median: $74,188
City of Newark2020 3,030 $77,641$74,188View Details
State Police Law Enforcement Personnel
20202,796avg: $90,429median: $98,589
State Police Law Enforcement Personnel2020 2,796 $90,429$98,589View Details
Hudson County
20202,732avg: $60,644median: $50,670
Hudson County2020 2,732 $60,644$50,670View Details
University Hospital
20202,503avg: $60,127median: $51,149
University Hospital2020 2,503 $60,127$51,149View Details
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
20202,217avg: $57,871median: $54,901
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission2020 2,217 $57,871$54,901View Details
Bergen County
20202,151avg: $74,978median: $59,157
Bergen County2020 2,151 $74,978$59,157View Details
Ocean County
20202,057avg: $58,248median: $50,664
Ocean County2020 2,057 $58,248$50,664View Details
Monmouth County Hall of Records
20202,055avg: $68,458median: $58,189
Monmouth County Hall of Records2020 2,055 $68,458$58,189View Details
Passaic Public Schools
20201,957avg: $74,893median: $66,453
Passaic Public Schools2020 1,957 $74,893$66,453View Details
New Jersey Turnpike Authority
20201,951avg: $69,188median: $68,608
New Jersey Turnpike Authority2020 1,951 $69,188$68,608View Details
Edison Township Public Schools
20201,897avg: $74,995median: $71,679
Edison Township Public Schools2020 1,897 $74,995$71,679View Details
Toms River Regional Schools
20201,887avg: $60,550median: $62,540
Toms River Regional Schools2020 1,887 $60,550$62,540View Details
Woodbridge Township School District
20201,763avg: $75,112median: $71,468
Woodbridge Township School District2020 1,763 $75,112$71,468View Details

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