New Jersey Employers

Employers Number 1854

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
New Jersey Department of Children and Families
20196,665avg: $71,751median: $74,491
New Jersey Department of Children and Families2019 6,665 $71,751$74,491View Details
Rutgers University
20196,009avg: $50,729median: $47,174
Rutgers University2019 6,009 $50,729$47,174View Details
Newark Public Schools
20195,831avg: $65,817median: $60,682
Newark Public Schools2019 5,831 $65,817$60,682View Details
Jersey City Public Schools
20194,123avg: $72,113median: $63,440
Jersey City Public Schools2019 4,123 $72,113$63,440View Details
Elizabeth Public Schools
20194,005avg: $69,770median: $71,972
Elizabeth Public Schools2019 4,005 $69,770$71,972View Details
Paterson Public Schools
20193,535avg: $65,733median: $59,460
Paterson Public Schools2019 3,535 $65,733$59,460View Details
Essex County
20193,159avg: $72,651median: $71,859
Essex County2019 3,159 $72,651$71,859View Details
City of Newark
20193,103avg: $76,901median: $71,076
City of Newark2019 3,103 $76,901$71,076View Details
State Police Law Enforcement Personnel
20192,750avg: $90,593median: $95,852
State Police Law Enforcement Personnel2019 2,750 $90,593$95,852View Details
Hudson County
20192,734avg: $58,066median: $49,202
Hudson County2019 2,734 $58,066$49,202View Details
University Hospital
20192,475avg: $52,970median: $44,608
University Hospital2019 2,475 $52,970$44,608View Details
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
20192,305avg: $52,853median: $52,472
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission2019 2,305 $52,853$52,472View Details
New Jersey Institute of Technology
20192,194avg: $74,957median: $64,357
New Jersey Institute of Technology2019 2,194 $74,957$64,357View Details
Bergen County
20192,175avg: $71,649median: $57,252
Bergen County2019 2,175 $71,649$57,252View Details
Monmouth County Hall of Records
20192,162avg: $64,623median: $54,666
Monmouth County Hall of Records2019 2,162 $64,623$54,666View Details
Ocean County
20192,069avg: $55,868median: $48,350
Ocean County2019 2,069 $55,868$48,350View Details
New Jersey Turnpike Authority
20192,032avg: $67,278median: $68,028
New Jersey Turnpike Authority2019 2,032 $67,278$68,028View Details
Toms River Regional Schools
20191,984avg: $59,687median: $61,964
Toms River Regional Schools2019 1,984 $59,687$61,964View Details
Passaic Public Schools
20191,973avg: $71,372median: $62,757
Passaic Public Schools2019 1,973 $71,372$62,757View Details
Edison Township Public Schools
20191,915avg: $72,207median: $69,795
Edison Township Public Schools2019 1,915 $72,207$69,795View Details

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