New Jersey State Employee Salaries | 2022

We have 403,973 New Jersey employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in NJ is $71,661 and median salary is $67,820. Look up NJ public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

New Jersey Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
New Jersey Transit Corporation
202213,604avg: $80,733median: $81,303
New Jersey Transit Corporation2022 13,604 $80,733$81,303View Details
New Jersey Department of Children and Families
20226,142avg: $79,500median: $85,017
New Jersey Department of Children and Families2022 6,142 $79,500$85,017View Details
Newark Public Schools
20225,779avg: $70,592median: $64,466
Newark Public Schools2022 5,779 $70,592$64,466View Details
Rutgers University
20225,329avg: $56,437median: $52,041
Rutgers University2022 5,329 $56,437$52,041View Details
Jersey City Public Schools
20224,053avg: $76,592median: $72,471
Jersey City Public Schools2022 4,053 $76,592$72,471View Details
Elizabeth Public Schools
20224,018avg: $72,606median: $73,572
Elizabeth Public Schools2022 4,018 $72,606$73,572View Details
Paterson Public Schools
20223,427avg: $67,550median: $61,460
Paterson Public Schools2022 3,427 $67,550$61,460View Details
Essex County
20223,197avg: $76,649median: $78,376
Essex County2022 3,197 $76,649$78,376View Details
State Police Law Enforcement Personnel
20223,176avg: $97,299median: $96,540
State Police Law Enforcement Personnel2022 3,176 $97,299$96,540View Details
City of Newark
20222,855avg: $86,178median: $87,932
City of Newark2022 2,855 $86,178$87,932View Details
Hudson County
20222,739avg: $63,919median: $55,075
Hudson County2022 2,739 $63,919$55,075View Details
University Hospital
20222,707avg: $62,256median: $51,276
University Hospital2022 2,707 $62,256$51,276View Details
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
20222,403avg: $59,201median: $57,692
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission2022 2,403 $59,201$57,692View Details
Bergen County
20222,050avg: $79,002median: $63,413
Bergen County2022 2,050 $79,002$63,413View Details
Ocean County
20222,037avg: $61,592median: $53,795
Ocean County2022 2,037 $61,592$53,795View Details
Passaic Public Schools
20221,998avg: $75,346median: $67,876
Passaic Public Schools2022 1,998 $75,346$67,876View Details
Edison Township Public Schools
20221,944avg: $76,713median: $72,659
Edison Township Public Schools2022 1,944 $76,713$72,659View Details
New Jersey Turnpike Authority
20221,933avg: $72,103median: $73,275
New Jersey Turnpike Authority2022 1,933 $72,103$73,275View Details
Toms River Regional Schools
20221,925avg: $63,441median: $64,309
Toms River Regional Schools2022 1,925 $63,441$64,309View Details
Monmouth County Hall of Records
20221,920avg: $69,579median: $59,930
Monmouth County Hall of Records2022 1,920 $69,579$59,930View Details