New Jersey State Employee Salaries | 2017

We have 399,622 New Jersey employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in NJ is $63,797 and median salary is $60,050. Look up NJ public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

New Jersey Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Rutgers University
20176,262avg: $48,048median: $44,946
Rutgers University2017 6,262 $48,048$44,946View Details
Dept Of Children And Families
20176,048avg: $64,945median: $66,156
Dept Of Children And Families2017 6,048 $64,945$66,156View Details
Newark Public Schools
20175,767avg: $64,737median: $59,093
Newark Public Schools2017 5,767 $64,737$59,093View Details
Jersey City Public Schools
20174,631avg: $68,630median: $58,857
Jersey City Public Schools2017 4,631 $68,630$58,857View Details
Elizabeth Bd Of Ed
20173,913avg: $67,574median: $69,605
Elizabeth Bd Of Ed2017 3,913 $67,574$69,605View Details
Paterson Bd Of Ed
20173,711avg: $62,093median: $57,824
Paterson Bd Of Ed2017 3,711 $62,093$57,824View Details
Essex County
20173,321avg: $70,987median: $69,113
Essex County2017 3,321 $70,987$69,113View Details
Newark City
20173,152avg: $75,354median: $69,428
Newark City2017 3,152 $75,354$69,428View Details
Hudson County
20172,737avg: $55,161median: $46,304
Hudson County2017 2,737 $55,161$46,304View Details
State Police Enlisted Prsnnl
20172,661avg: $88,935median: $92,010
State Police Enlisted Prsnnl2017 2,661 $88,935$92,010View Details
University Hospital
20172,390avg: $50,211median: $42,888
University Hospital2017 2,390 $50,211$42,888View Details
Monmouth County/Hall Of Record
20172,188avg: $62,405median: $52,320
Monmouth County/Hall Of Record2017 2,188 $62,405$52,320View Details
Motor Vehicle Commission
20172,132avg: $51,006median: $48,322
Motor Vehicle Commission2017 2,132 $51,006$48,322View Details
Toms River School Dist
20172,104avg: $57,120median: $59,987
Toms River School Dist2017 2,104 $57,120$59,987View Details
Bergen County
20172,061avg: $71,270median: $56,906
Bergen County2017 2,061 $71,270$56,906View Details
Ocean County
20172,057avg: $54,939median: $47,165
Ocean County2017 2,057 $54,939$47,165View Details
Nj Turnpike Authority
20172,007avg: $63,147median: $65,152
Nj Turnpike Authority2017 2,007 $63,147$65,152View Details
Passaic Board Of Education
20171,902avg: $71,154median: $61,643
Passaic Board Of Education2017 1,902 $71,154$61,643View Details
Edison Twp Bd Of Ed
20171,870avg: $71,647median: $69,890
Edison Twp Bd Of Ed2017 1,870 $71,647$69,890View Details
Passaic County
20171,826avg: $67,200median: $57,574
Passaic County2017 1,826 $67,200$57,574View Details