New Jersey Employers

Employers Number 1903

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Rutgers University
20176,262avg: $48,048median: $44,946
Rutgers University2017 6,262 $48,048$44,946View Details
Dept Of Children And Families
20176,048avg: $64,945median: $66,156
Dept Of Children And Families2017 6,048 $64,945$66,156View Details
Newark Public Schools
20175,767avg: $64,737median: $59,093
Newark Public Schools2017 5,767 $64,737$59,093View Details
Jersey City Public Schools
20174,631avg: $68,630median: $58,857
Jersey City Public Schools2017 4,631 $68,630$58,857View Details
Elizabeth Bd Of Ed
20173,913avg: $67,574median: $69,605
Elizabeth Bd Of Ed2017 3,913 $67,574$69,605View Details
Paterson Bd Of Ed
20173,711avg: $62,093median: $57,824
Paterson Bd Of Ed2017 3,711 $62,093$57,824View Details
Essex County
20173,321avg: $70,987median: $69,113
Essex County2017 3,321 $70,987$69,113View Details
Newark City
20173,152avg: $75,354median: $69,428
Newark City2017 3,152 $75,354$69,428View Details
Hudson County
20172,737avg: $55,161median: $46,304
Hudson County2017 2,737 $55,161$46,304View Details
State Police Enlisted Prsnnl
20172,661avg: $88,935median: $92,010
State Police Enlisted Prsnnl2017 2,661 $88,935$92,010View Details
University Hospital
20172,390avg: $50,211median: $42,888
University Hospital2017 2,390 $50,211$42,888View Details
Monmouth County/Hall Of Record
20172,188avg: $62,405median: $52,320
Monmouth County/Hall Of Record2017 2,188 $62,405$52,320View Details
Motor Vehicle Commission
20172,132avg: $51,006median: $48,322
Motor Vehicle Commission2017 2,132 $51,006$48,322View Details
Toms River School Dist
20172,104avg: $57,120median: $59,987
Toms River School Dist2017 2,104 $57,120$59,987View Details
Bergen County
20172,061avg: $71,270median: $56,906
Bergen County2017 2,061 $71,270$56,906View Details
Ocean County
20172,057avg: $54,939median: $47,165
Ocean County2017 2,057 $54,939$47,165View Details
Nj Turnpike Authority
20172,007avg: $63,147median: $65,152
Nj Turnpike Authority2017 2,007 $63,147$65,152View Details
Passaic Board Of Education
20171,902avg: $71,154median: $61,643
Passaic Board Of Education2017 1,902 $71,154$61,643View Details
Edison Twp Bd Of Ed
20171,870avg: $71,647median: $69,890
Edison Twp Bd Of Ed2017 1,870 $71,647$69,890View Details
Passaic County
20171,826avg: $67,200median: $57,574
Passaic County2017 1,826 $67,200$57,574View Details

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