California State Employee Salaries | 2013

We have 2,169,219 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $63,113 and median salary is $57,819. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State of California
2013234,546avg: $84,354median: $81,425
State of California2013 234,546 $84,354$81,425View Details
University of California
2013166,760avg: $78,408median: $65,120
University of California2013 166,760 $78,408$65,120View Details
Los Angeles County
201399,492avg: $92,734median: $80,976
Los Angeles County2013 99,492 $92,734$80,976View Details
California State University
201358,623avg: $60,140median: $56,378
California State University2013 58,623 $60,140$56,378View Details
Los Angeles
201346,044avg: $83,761median: $88,942
Los Angeles2013 46,044 $83,761$88,942View Details
San Francisco
201337,606avg: $101,441median: $101,970
San Francisco2013 37,606 $101,441$101,970View Details
San Diego Unified
201328,778avg: $34,466median: $16,715
San Diego Unified2013 28,778 $34,466$16,715View Details
San Bernardino County
201322,406avg: $70,456median: $62,634
San Bernardino County2013 22,406 $70,456$62,634View Details
Riverside County
201322,314avg: $66,358median: $58,607
Riverside County2013 22,314 $66,358$58,607View Details
Santa Clara County
201318,488avg: $99,422median: $90,986
Santa Clara County2013 18,488 $99,422$90,986View Details
San Diego County
201318,457avg: $80,776median: $76,535
San Diego County2013 18,457 $80,776$76,535View Details
Orange County
201318,175avg: $95,416median: $85,865
Orange County2013 18,175 $95,416$85,865View Details
San Francisco Unified
201312,781avg: $41,766median: $29,342
San Francisco Unified2013 12,781 $41,766$29,342View Details
Los Angeles Community College District
201312,642avg: $37,483median: $13,440
Los Angeles Community College District2013 12,642 $37,483$13,440View Details
Sacramento County
201312,400avg: $92,656median: $87,009
Sacramento County2013 12,400 $92,656$87,009View Details
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
201311,535avg: $66,253median: $66,835
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority2013 11,535 $66,253$66,835View Details
Contra Costa County
201311,489avg: $85,568median: $76,805
Contra Costa County2013 11,489 $85,568$76,805View Details
Long Beach Unified
201311,462avg: $51,005median: $46,207
Long Beach Unified2013 11,462 $51,005$46,207View Details
San Diego
201311,190avg: $66,195median: $65,196
San Diego2013 11,190 $66,195$65,196View Details
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
201310,298avg: $103,263median: $102,767
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power2013 10,298 $103,263$102,767View Details