California State Employee Salaries | 2021

We have 2,694,201 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $87,359 and median salary is $79,393. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State of California
2021257,856avg: $112,574median: $106,132
State of California2021 257,856 $112,574$106,132View Details
University of California
2021208,913avg: $106,585median: $84,869
University of California2021 208,913 $106,585$84,869View Details
Los Angeles County
2021109,206avg: $133,406median: $116,678
Los Angeles County2021 109,206 $133,406$116,678View Details
Los Angeles Unified
202190,937avg: $71,347median: $68,384
Los Angeles Unified2021 90,937 $71,347$68,384View Details
Alfred B Nobel Charter Middle
202190,937avg: $71,347median: $68,384
Alfred B Nobel Charter Middle2021 90,937 $71,347$68,384View Details
George Ellery Hale Charter Academy
202190,937avg: $71,347median: $68,384
George Ellery Hale Charter Academy2021 90,937 $71,347$68,384View Details
Los Angeles
202165,385avg: $126,517median: $123,412
Los Angeles2021 65,385 $126,517$123,412View Details
California State University
202163,834avg: $82,946median: $78,424
California State University2021 63,834 $82,946$78,424View Details
San Francisco
202138,440avg: $141,522median: $136,477
San Francisco2021 38,440 $141,522$136,477View Details
Riverside County
202126,114avg: $87,390median: $77,384
Riverside County2021 26,114 $87,390$77,384View Details
Santa Clara County
202125,540avg: $137,758median: $127,153
Santa Clara County2021 25,540 $137,758$127,153View Details
San Diego County
202124,878avg: $93,888median: $88,372
San Diego County2021 24,878 $93,888$88,372View Details
San Bernardino County
202124,392avg: $89,413median: $74,295
San Bernardino County2021 24,392 $89,413$74,295View Details
Orange County
202119,332avg: $120,976median: $108,217
Orange County2021 19,332 $120,976$108,217View Details
San Diego Unified
202116,577avg: $77,408median: $72,458
San Diego Unified2021 16,577 $77,408$72,458View Details
Fresno Unified
202113,668avg: $67,770median: $56,979
Fresno Unified2021 13,668 $67,770$56,979View Details
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
202113,189avg: $121,116median: $121,341
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power2021 13,189 $121,116$121,341View Details
San Diego
202112,305avg: $126,187median: $103,135
San Diego2021 12,305 $126,187$103,135View Details
Sacramento County
202112,280avg: $116,830median: $109,424
Sacramento County2021 12,280 $116,830$109,424View Details
Contra Costa County
202112,010avg: $123,120median: $106,309
Contra Costa County2021 12,010 $123,120$106,309View Details