California State Employee Salaries | 2018

We have 1,480,724 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $67,523 and median salary is $62,220. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State Of California
2018248,834avg: $69,007median: $65,424
State Of California2018 248,834 $69,007$65,424View Details
Los Angeles County
2018108,481avg: $111,974median: $95,494
Los Angeles County2018 108,481 $111,974$95,494View Details
Los Angeles County Schools
201845,237avg: $39,379median: $35,277
Los Angeles County Schools2018 45,237 $39,379$35,277View Details
201836,876avg: $73,920median: $82,068
Lausd2018 36,876 $73,920$82,068View Details
Los Angeles Unified School District
201826,819avg: $38,006median: $32,954
Los Angeles Unified School District2018 26,819 $38,006$32,954View Details
San Diego County Schools
201825,757avg: $38,644median: $33,575
San Diego County Schools2018 25,757 $38,644$33,575View Details
Orange County Schools
201823,724avg: $42,947median: $38,737
Orange County Schools2018 23,724 $42,947$38,737View Details
County Of San Bernardino
201823,054avg: $61,497median: $52,538
County Of San Bernardino2018 23,054 $61,497$52,538View Details
Riverside County Schools
201821,131avg: $38,285median: $34,195
Riverside County Schools2018 21,131 $38,285$34,195View Details
County Of Riverside
201820,096avg: $70,517median: $60,721
County Of Riverside2018 20,096 $70,517$60,721View Details
San Bernardino County Schools
201819,648avg: $37,693median: $34,032
San Bernardino County Schools2018 19,648 $37,693$34,032View Details
County Of Santa Clara
201818,188avg: $98,855median: $82,984
County Of Santa Clara2018 18,188 $98,855$82,984View Details
County Of San Diego
201816,600avg: $67,204median: $60,603
County Of San Diego2018 16,600 $67,204$60,603View Details
Santa Clara County Schools
201813,154avg: $47,634median: $40,351
Santa Clara County Schools2018 13,154 $47,634$40,351View Details
Sacramento County Schools
201812,879avg: $36,567median: $31,884
Sacramento County Schools2018 12,879 $36,567$31,884View Details
Kern County Schools
201812,076avg: $32,717median: $27,597
Kern County Schools2018 12,076 $32,717$27,597View Details
Fresno County Schools
201811,668avg: $33,288median: $29,211
Fresno County Schools2018 11,668 $33,288$29,211View Details
Alameda County Schools
201810,885avg: $43,366median: $36,067
Alameda County Schools2018 10,885 $43,366$36,067View Details
County Of Ventura
20189,326avg: $83,200median: $72,402
County Of Ventura2018 9,326 $83,200$72,402View Details
Contra Costa County Schools
20188,026avg: $37,781median: $32,372
Contra Costa County Schools2018 8,026 $37,781$32,372View Details