California Employers

Employers Number 3253

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Abc Unified School District
20181,357avg: $72,976median: $81,758
Abc Unified School District2018 1,357 $72,976$81,758View Details
Academia Avance Charter
201826avg: $54,267median: $56,408
Academia Avance Charter2018 26 $54,267$56,408View Details
Academia Moderna Charter
201832avg: $34,046median: $40,588
Academia Moderna Charter2018 32 $34,046$40,588View Details
Academic Senate For California Community Colleges
201811avg: $52,183median: $39,000
Academic Senate For California Community Colleges2018 11 $52,183$39,000View Details
Academy For Academic Excellence
201889avg: $61,267median: $65,588
Academy For Academic Excellence2018 89 $61,267$65,588View Details
Academy Performance Excellence (Apex) Academy
201838avg: $53,998median: $53,920
Academy Performance Excellence (Apex) Academy2018 38 $53,998$53,920View Details
Acalanes Union High
2018371avg: $79,979median: $89,424
Acalanes Union High2018 371 $79,979$89,424View Details
Accelerated Charter Elementary
201847avg: $56,733median: $56,704
Accelerated Charter Elementary2018 47 $56,733$56,704View Details
Accelerated Elementary Charter
201826avg: $55,316median: $54,869
Accelerated Elementary Charter2018 26 $55,316$54,869View Details
Access Services Incorporated
201864avg: $66,740median: $58,095
Access Services Incorporated2018 64 $66,740$58,095View Details
Ace Charter
2018100avg: $56,566median: $56,976
Ace Charter2018 100 $56,566$56,976View Details
Ace Charter High
201815avg: $59,919median: $59,564
Ace Charter High2018 15 $59,919$59,564View Details
Ackerman Elementary
201848avg: $50,360median: $57,987
Ackerman Elementary2018 48 $50,360$57,987View Details
Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District
201890avg: $68,329median: $71,623
Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District2018 90 $68,329$71,623View Details
Adelanto Elementary
2018543avg: $69,660median: $76,563
Adelanto Elementary2018 543 $69,660$76,563View Details
Aealas Agua Dulce Partnership Academy
20183avg: $16,972median: $14,028
Aealas Agua Dulce Partnership Academy2018 3 $16,972$14,028View Details
Agoura Hills And Calabasas Community Center
20186avg: $56,784median: $62,671
Agoura Hills And Calabasas Community Center2018 6 $56,784$62,671View Details
Alameda Alliance For Health
2018295avg: $84,282median: $71,378
Alameda Alliance For Health2018 295 $84,282$71,378View Details
Alameda City Unified School District
2018663avg: $64,587median: $70,760
Alameda City Unified School District2018 663 $64,587$70,760View Details
Alameda Community Learning Center
201827avg: $44,394median: $48,200
Alameda Community Learning Center2018 27 $44,394$48,200View Details

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