California Employers

Employers Number 3210

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Abc Unified School District
2016806avg: $34,928median: $35,570
Abc Unified School District2016 806 $34,928$35,570View Details
Academia Moderna
201623avg: $33,275median: $23,450
Academia Moderna2016 23 $33,275$23,450View Details
Academia Semillas Del Pueblo
20165avg: $78,846median: $78,846
Academia Semillas Del Pueblo2016 5 $78,846$78,846View Details
Academic Senate For California Community Colleges
201616avg: $40,501median: $25,767
Academic Senate For California Community Colleges2016 16 $40,501$25,767View Details
Academy For Academic Excellence
201689avg: $34,407median: $27,915
Academy For Academic Excellence2016 89 $34,407$27,915View Details
Academy Of Personalized Learning
20164avg: $22,347median: $32,504
Academy Of Personalized Learning2016 4 $22,347$32,504View Details
Acalanes Union High School District
2016169avg: $46,554median: $46,949
Acalanes Union High School District2016 169 $46,554$46,949View Details
Access Services Incorporated
201683avg: $60,775median: $51,599
Access Services Incorporated2016 83 $60,775$51,599View Details
Ackerman Elementary School District
201620avg: $27,733median: $20,855
Ackerman Elementary School District2016 20 $27,733$20,855View Details
Acton-agua Dulce Unified School District
201665avg: $28,164median: $19,602
Acton-agua Dulce Unified School District2016 65 $28,164$19,602View Details
Adelanto School District
2016401avg: $34,827median: $31,168
Adelanto School District2016 401 $34,827$31,168View Details
Agoura Hills And Calabasas Community Center
20168avg: $49,770median: $55,287
Agoura Hills And Calabasas Community Center2016 8 $49,770$55,287View Details
Agricultural Labor Relations Board
201637avg: $83,708median: $70,296
Agricultural Labor Relations Board2016 37 $83,708$70,296View Details
Air Resources Board Administrative Services Division
20161,361avg: $82,465median: $95,054
Air Resources Board Administrative Services Division2016 1,361 $82,465$95,054View Details
Alameda Alliance For Health
2016252avg: $71,402median: $59,189
Alameda Alliance For Health2016 252 $71,402$59,189View Details
Alameda City Unified School District
2016505avg: $39,682median: $28,244
Alameda City Unified School District2016 505 $39,682$28,244View Details
Alameda Community Learning Center
201610avg: $17,479median: $14,248
Alameda Community Learning Center2016 10 $17,479$14,248View Details
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority
201610avg: $149,842median: $122,548
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority2016 10 $149,842$122,548View Details
Alameda County Fire Department
2016400avg: $101,800median: $107,954
Alameda County Fire Department2016 400 $101,800$107,954View Details
Alameda County Law Library
201610avg: $71,642median: $64,912
Alameda County Law Library2016 10 $71,642$64,912View Details

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