California Employers

Employers Number 3210

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Los Angeles Unified School District
201627,785avg: $36,722median: $32,070
Los Angeles Unified School District2016 27,785 $36,722$32,070View Details
County Of Riverside
201619,719avg: $66,200median: $57,010
County Of Riverside2016 19,719 $66,200$57,010View Details
County Of Santa Clara
201617,100avg: $90,162median: $77,374
County Of Santa Clara2016 17,100 $90,162$77,374View Details
Department Of California Highway Patrol
20169,851avg: $89,110median: $104,803
Department Of California Highway Patrol2016 9,851 $89,110$104,803View Details
Department Of Motor Vehicles
20168,522avg: $46,746median: $44,580
Department Of Motor Vehicles2016 8,522 $46,746$44,580View Details
Department Of Forestry And Fire Protection
20167,486avg: $41,994median: $46,406
Department Of Forestry And Fire Protection2016 7,486 $41,994$46,406View Details
Employment Development Dept.
20167,372avg: $53,069median: $53,952
Employment Development Dept.2016 7,372 $53,069$53,952View Details
San Diego Unified School District
20166,750avg: $37,033median: $31,160
San Diego Unified School District2016 6,750 $37,033$31,160View Details
Franchise Tax Board
20165,710avg: $57,727median: $56,670
Franchise Tax Board2016 5,710 $57,727$56,670View Details
County Of Monterey
20164,736avg: $68,852median: $58,287
County Of Monterey2016 4,736 $68,852$58,287View Details
City Of Long Beach
20164,455avg: $74,571median: $70,277
City Of Long Beach2016 4,455 $74,571$70,277View Details
State Compensation Insurance Fund
20164,210avg: $63,343median: $66,516
State Compensation Insurance Fund2016 4,210 $63,343$66,516View Details
Board Of Equalization
20164,174avg: $63,641median: $61,976
Board Of Equalization2016 4,174 $63,641$61,976View Details
Department Of Justice
20164,103avg: $76,347median: $69,096
Department Of Justice2016 4,103 $76,347$69,096View Details
City Of Sacramento
20164,005avg: $68,102median: $70,802
City Of Sacramento2016 4,005 $68,102$70,802View Details
Department Of Social Services
20163,846avg: $62,770median: $64,166
Department Of Social Services2016 3,846 $62,770$64,166View Details
Department Of Corrections
20163,776avg: $75,715median: $69,096
Department Of Corrections2016 3,776 $75,715$69,096View Details
City Of Oakland
20163,663avg: $84,461median: $81,255
City Of Oakland2016 3,663 $84,461$81,255View Details
Department Of Parks And Recreation
20163,552avg: $41,575median: $39,600
Department Of Parks And Recreation2016 3,552 $41,575$39,600View Details
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
20163,428avg: $75,914median: $69,648
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District2016 3,428 $75,914$69,648View Details

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