California State Employee Salaries | 2016

We have 821,349 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $56,168 and median salary is $50,084. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Los Angeles Unified School District
201627,785avg: $36,722median: $32,070
Los Angeles Unified School District2016 27,785 $36,722$32,070View Details
County Of Riverside
201619,719avg: $66,200median: $57,010
County Of Riverside2016 19,719 $66,200$57,010View Details
County Of Santa Clara
201617,100avg: $90,162median: $77,374
County Of Santa Clara2016 17,100 $90,162$77,374View Details
Department Of California Highway Patrol
20169,851avg: $89,110median: $104,803
Department Of California Highway Patrol2016 9,851 $89,110$104,803View Details
Department Of Motor Vehicles
20168,522avg: $46,746median: $44,580
Department Of Motor Vehicles2016 8,522 $46,746$44,580View Details
Department Of Forestry And Fire Protection
20167,486avg: $41,994median: $46,406
Department Of Forestry And Fire Protection2016 7,486 $41,994$46,406View Details
Employment Development Dept.
20167,372avg: $53,069median: $53,952
Employment Development Dept.2016 7,372 $53,069$53,952View Details
San Diego Unified School District
20166,750avg: $37,033median: $31,160
San Diego Unified School District2016 6,750 $37,033$31,160View Details
Franchise Tax Board
20165,710avg: $57,727median: $56,670
Franchise Tax Board2016 5,710 $57,727$56,670View Details
County Of Monterey
20164,736avg: $68,852median: $58,287
County Of Monterey2016 4,736 $68,852$58,287View Details
City Of Long Beach
20164,455avg: $74,571median: $70,277
City Of Long Beach2016 4,455 $74,571$70,277View Details
State Compensation Insurance Fund
20164,210avg: $63,343median: $66,516
State Compensation Insurance Fund2016 4,210 $63,343$66,516View Details
Board Of Equalization
20164,174avg: $63,641median: $61,976
Board Of Equalization2016 4,174 $63,641$61,976View Details
Department Of Justice
20164,103avg: $76,347median: $69,096
Department Of Justice2016 4,103 $76,347$69,096View Details
City Of Sacramento
20164,005avg: $68,102median: $70,802
City Of Sacramento2016 4,005 $68,102$70,802View Details
Department Of Social Services
20163,846avg: $62,770median: $64,166
Department Of Social Services2016 3,846 $62,770$64,166View Details
Department Of Corrections
20163,776avg: $75,715median: $69,096
Department Of Corrections2016 3,776 $75,715$69,096View Details
City Of Oakland
20163,663avg: $84,461median: $81,255
City Of Oakland2016 3,663 $84,461$81,255View Details
Department Of Parks And Recreation
20163,552avg: $41,575median: $39,600
Department Of Parks And Recreation2016 3,552 $41,575$39,600View Details
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
20163,428avg: $75,914median: $69,648
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District2016 3,428 $75,914$69,648View Details