California State Employee Salaries | 2017

We have 1,929,321 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $68,387 and median salary is $62,052. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State Of California
2017251,519avg: $67,403median: $63,360
State Of California2017 251,519 $67,403$63,360View Details
Los Angeles County
2017103,524avg: $109,366median: $92,246
Los Angeles County2017 103,524 $109,366$92,246View Details
City of Los Angeles
201747,463avg: $69,418median: $70,213
City of Los Angeles2017 47,463 $69,418$70,213View Details
Los Angeles County Schools
201744,951avg: $38,319median: $34,275
Los Angeles County Schools2017 44,951 $38,319$34,275View Details
University Of California Los Angeles
201744,710avg: $72,861median: $52,500
University Of California Los Angeles2017 44,710 $72,861$52,500View Details
City of San Francisco
201738,539avg: $86,341median: $80,697
City of San Francisco2017 38,539 $86,341$80,697View Details
201735,979avg: $76,183median: $82,976
Lausd2017 35,979 $76,183$82,976View Details
San Francisco City And County Employees Retirement System
201733,557avg: $91,082median: $81,354
San Francisco City And County Employees Retirement System2017 33,557 $91,082$81,354View Details
University Of California San Diego
201727,564avg: $73,185median: $53,823
University Of California San Diego2017 27,564 $73,185$53,823View Details
University Of California San Francisco
201727,163avg: $95,353median: $70,166
University Of California San Francisco2017 27,163 $95,353$70,166View Details
University Of California Davis
201726,944avg: $76,167median: $58,128
University Of California Davis2017 26,944 $76,167$58,128View Details
Los Angeles Unified School District
201726,907avg: $37,696median: $32,567
Los Angeles Unified School District2017 26,907 $37,696$32,567View Details
San Diego County Schools
201726,089avg: $38,755median: $33,962
San Diego County Schools2017 26,089 $38,755$33,962View Details
Orange County Schools
201723,419avg: $42,785median: $39,273
Orange County Schools2017 23,419 $42,785$39,273View Details
County Of San Bernardino
201722,686avg: $60,347median: $51,202
County Of San Bernardino2017 22,686 $60,347$51,202View Details
County Of Riverside
201720,576avg: $68,850median: $59,382
County Of Riverside2017 20,576 $68,850$59,382View Details
Riverside County Schools
201720,467avg: $37,243median: $33,485
Riverside County Schools2017 20,467 $37,243$33,485View Details
San Bernardino County Schools
201719,601avg: $37,041median: $33,785
San Bernardino County Schools2017 19,601 $37,041$33,785View Details
County of Orange
201718,440avg: $79,753median: $67,872
County of Orange2017 18,440 $79,753$67,872View Details
County Of Santa Clara
201717,651avg: $95,503median: $80,754
County Of Santa Clara2017 17,651 $95,503$80,754View Details