California Employers

Employers Number 3344

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State Of California
2017251,519avg: $67,403median: $63,360
State Of California2017 251,519 $67,403$63,360View Details
Los Angeles County
2017103,524avg: $109,366median: $92,246
Los Angeles County2017 103,524 $109,366$92,246View Details
City of Los Angeles
201747,463avg: $69,418median: $70,213
City of Los Angeles2017 47,463 $69,418$70,213View Details
Los Angeles County Schools
201744,951avg: $38,319median: $34,275
Los Angeles County Schools2017 44,951 $38,319$34,275View Details
University Of California Los Angeles
201744,710avg: $72,861median: $52,500
University Of California Los Angeles2017 44,710 $72,861$52,500View Details
City of San Francisco
201738,539avg: $86,341median: $80,697
City of San Francisco2017 38,539 $86,341$80,697View Details
201735,979avg: $76,183median: $82,976
Lausd2017 35,979 $76,183$82,976View Details
San Francisco City And County Employees Retirement System
201733,557avg: $91,082median: $81,354
San Francisco City And County Employees Retirement System2017 33,557 $91,082$81,354View Details
University Of California San Diego
201727,564avg: $73,185median: $53,823
University Of California San Diego2017 27,564 $73,185$53,823View Details
University Of California San Francisco
201727,163avg: $95,353median: $70,166
University Of California San Francisco2017 27,163 $95,353$70,166View Details
University Of California Davis
201726,944avg: $76,167median: $58,128
University Of California Davis2017 26,944 $76,167$58,128View Details
Los Angeles Unified School District
201726,907avg: $37,696median: $32,567
Los Angeles Unified School District2017 26,907 $37,696$32,567View Details
San Diego County Schools
201726,089avg: $38,755median: $33,962
San Diego County Schools2017 26,089 $38,755$33,962View Details
Orange County Schools
201723,419avg: $42,785median: $39,273
Orange County Schools2017 23,419 $42,785$39,273View Details
County Of San Bernardino
201722,686avg: $60,347median: $51,202
County Of San Bernardino2017 22,686 $60,347$51,202View Details
County Of Riverside
201720,576avg: $68,850median: $59,382
County Of Riverside2017 20,576 $68,850$59,382View Details
Riverside County Schools
201720,467avg: $37,243median: $33,485
Riverside County Schools2017 20,467 $37,243$33,485View Details
San Bernardino County Schools
201719,601avg: $37,041median: $33,785
San Bernardino County Schools2017 19,601 $37,041$33,785View Details
County of Orange
201718,440avg: $79,753median: $67,872
County of Orange2017 18,440 $79,753$67,872View Details
County Of Santa Clara
201717,651avg: $95,503median: $80,754
County Of Santa Clara2017 17,651 $95,503$80,754View Details

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