California State Employee Salaries | 2020

We have 2,497,128 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $84,734 and median salary is $77,171. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State of California
2020258,508avg: $110,647median: $104,452
State of California2020 258,508 $110,647$104,452View Details
University of California
2020199,495avg: $104,253median: $83,100
University of California2020 199,495 $104,253$83,100View Details
Los Angeles County
2020111,495avg: $121,059median: $105,973
Los Angeles County2020 111,495 $121,059$105,973View Details
Los Angeles Unified
202084,601avg: $72,508median: $68,634
Los Angeles Unified2020 84,601 $72,508$68,634View Details
Los Angeles
202065,066avg: $129,164median: $126,690
Los Angeles2020 65,066 $129,164$126,690View Details
California State University
202064,297avg: $84,058median: $79,454
California State University2020 64,297 $84,058$79,454View Details
San Francisco
202040,939avg: $128,599median: $126,974
San Francisco2020 40,939 $128,599$126,974View Details
Santa Clara County
202026,717avg: $132,378median: $125,145
Santa Clara County2020 26,717 $132,378$125,145View Details
Riverside County
202025,180avg: $88,378median: $78,154
Riverside County2020 25,180 $88,378$78,154View Details
San Bernardino County
202024,124avg: $90,215median: $75,902
San Bernardino County2020 24,124 $90,215$75,902View Details
San Diego County
202022,937avg: $94,120median: $89,357
San Diego County2020 22,937 $94,120$89,357View Details
Orange County
202020,695avg: $109,521median: $98,319
Orange County2020 20,695 $109,521$98,319View Details
San Diego Unified
202017,003avg: $72,954median: $69,710
San Diego Unified2020 17,003 $72,954$69,710View Details
Fresno Unified
202013,511avg: $59,930median: $50,053
Fresno Unified2020 13,511 $59,930$50,053View Details
San Diego
202012,605avg: $90,639median: $86,226
San Diego2020 12,605 $90,639$86,226View Details
Sacramento County
202012,021avg: $107,999median: $100,847
Sacramento County2020 12,021 $107,999$100,847View Details
Los Angeles Community College District
202011,774avg: $59,202median: $27,206
Los Angeles Community College District2020 11,774 $59,202$27,206View Details
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
202011,727avg: $92,820median: $92,841
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority2020 11,727 $92,820$92,841View Details
Contra Costa County
202011,704avg: $120,193median: $104,875
Contra Costa County2020 11,704 $120,193$104,875View Details
San Francisco Unified
202011,313avg: $69,729median: $67,258
San Francisco Unified2020 11,313 $69,729$67,258View Details