California Employers

Employers Number 3216

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Abc Unified School District
2015793avg: $33,661median: $34,048
Abc Unified School District2015 793 $33,661$34,048View Details
Academia Moderna
201527avg: $31,154median: $26,058
Academia Moderna2015 27 $31,154$26,058View Details
Academia Semillas Del Pueblo
201513avg: $24,532median: $19,448
Academia Semillas Del Pueblo2015 13 $24,532$19,448View Details
Academic Senate For California Community Colleges
201512avg: $43,138median: $26,331
Academic Senate For California Community Colleges2015 12 $43,138$26,331View Details
Academy For Academic Excellence
201583avg: $30,885median: $23,053
Academy For Academic Excellence2015 83 $30,885$23,053View Details
Academy Of Personalized Learning
20154avg: $16,303median: $14,236
Academy Of Personalized Learning2015 4 $16,303$14,236View Details
Acalanes Union High School District
2015171avg: $43,590median: $42,180
Acalanes Union High School District2015 171 $43,590$42,180View Details
Access Services Incorporated
201591avg: $61,082median: $47,557
Access Services Incorporated2015 91 $61,082$47,557View Details
Ackerman Elementary School District
201517avg: $30,940median: $24,488
Ackerman Elementary School District2015 17 $30,940$24,488View Details
Acton-agua Dulce Unified School District
201553avg: $28,489median: $27,740
Acton-agua Dulce Unified School District2015 53 $28,489$27,740View Details
Adelanto School District
2015382avg: $32,620median: $27,042
Adelanto School District2015 382 $32,620$27,042View Details
Agoura Hills And Calabasas Community Center
20158avg: $49,637median: $54,482
Agoura Hills And Calabasas Community Center2015 8 $49,637$54,482View Details
Agricultural Labor Relations Board
201546avg: $70,329median: $61,504
Agricultural Labor Relations Board2015 46 $70,329$61,504View Details
Air Resources Board Administrative Services Division
20151,423avg: $80,041median: $92,228
Air Resources Board Administrative Services Division2015 1,423 $80,041$92,228View Details
Alain Leroy Locke Charter High School
20157avg: $21,803median: $22,406
Alain Leroy Locke Charter High School2015 7 $21,803$22,406View Details
Alameda Alliance For Health
2015227avg: $65,846median: $55,228
Alameda Alliance For Health2015 227 $65,846$55,228View Details
Alameda City Unified School District
2015491avg: $38,182median: $27,005
Alameda City Unified School District2015 491 $38,182$27,005View Details
Alameda Community Learning Center
20156avg: $29,886median: $33,172
Alameda Community Learning Center2015 6 $29,886$33,172View Details
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority
201511avg: $143,936median: $110,058
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority2015 11 $143,936$110,058View Details
Alameda County Fire Department
2015401avg: $100,934median: $106,338
Alameda County Fire Department2015 401 $100,934$106,338View Details

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