New Jersey State Employee Salaries | Page 2

We have 403,973 New Jersey employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in NJ is $71,661 and median salary is $67,820. Look up NJ public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

New Jersey Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Union City Public Schools
20221,828avg: $75,164median: $67,763
Union City Public Schools2022 1,828 $75,164$67,763View Details
Woodbridge Township School District
20221,807avg: $78,193median: $74,277
Woodbridge Township School District2022 1,807 $78,193$74,277View Details
Hamilton Township School District (Atlantic)
20221,718avg: $64,784median: $62,032
Hamilton Township School District (Atlantic)2022 1,718 $64,784$62,032View Details
Perth Amboy Public Schools
20221,672avg: $67,509median: $63,562
Perth Amboy Public Schools2022 1,672 $67,509$63,562View Details
Bayonne School District
20221,628avg: $61,219median: $58,520
Bayonne School District2022 1,628 $61,219$58,520View Details
Middlesex County
20221,608avg: $74,125median: $65,615
Middlesex County2022 1,608 $74,125$65,615View Details
Passaic County
20221,603avg: $74,567median: $64,654
Passaic County2022 1,603 $74,567$64,654View Details
Cherry Hill Public Schools
20221,554avg: $68,891median: $63,460
Cherry Hill Public Schools2022 1,554 $68,891$63,460View Details
New Brunswick Public Schools
20221,534avg: $66,944median: $64,221
New Brunswick Public Schools2022 1,534 $66,944$64,221View Details
Trenton Public Schools
20221,505avg: $76,643median: $75,440
Trenton Public Schools2022 1,505 $76,643$75,440View Details
East Orange School District
20221,476avg: $72,527median: $71,960
East Orange School District2022 1,476 $72,527$71,960View Details
Vineland Public Schools
20221,466avg: $59,049median: $61,172
Vineland Public Schools2022 1,466 $59,049$61,172View Details
Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders
20221,456avg: $71,647median: $67,526
Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders2022 1,456 $71,647$67,526View Details
Clifton Public Schools
20221,455avg: $69,176median: $67,653
Clifton Public Schools2022 1,455 $69,176$67,653View Details
City of Jersey
20221,445avg: $80,681median: $70,500
City of Jersey2022 1,445 $80,681$70,500View Details
Morris County
20221,403avg: $63,093median: $54,948
Morris County2022 1,403 $63,093$54,948View Details
Camden City School District
20221,376avg: $67,388median: $71,991
Camden City School District2022 1,376 $67,388$71,991View Details
Union County
20221,365avg: $75,877median: $70,303
Union County2022 1,365 $75,877$70,303View Details
Brick Township Public Schools
20221,363avg: $61,087median: $60,289
Brick Township Public Schools2022 1,363 $61,087$60,289View Details
City of Paterson
20221,332avg: $72,489median: $58,962
City of Paterson2022 1,332 $72,489$58,962View Details