New Jersey Employers

Employers Number 8451

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City Of Newark
20163,885avg: $61,250median: $57,506
City Of Newark2016 3,885 $61,250$57,506View Details
Newark City
20153,870avg: $77,351median: $77,525
Newark City2015 3,870 $77,351$77,525View Details
City Of Jersey
20153,757avg: $65,870median: $48,262
City Of Jersey2015 3,757 $65,870$48,262View Details
Paterson Bd Of Ed
20183,725avg: $62,437median: $58,144
Paterson Bd Of Ed2018 3,725 $62,437$58,144View Details
Paterson Bd Of Ed
20173,711avg: $62,093median: $57,824
Paterson Bd Of Ed2017 3,711 $62,093$57,824View Details
Newark City
20163,698avg: $76,594median: $75,500
Newark City2016 3,698 $76,594$75,500View Details
County Of Essex
20163,595avg: $68,037median: $66,261
County Of Essex2016 3,595 $68,037$66,261View Details
County Of Essex
20153,586avg: $67,609median: $65,507
County Of Essex2015 3,586 $67,609$65,507View Details
Paterson Public Schools
20193,535avg: $65,733median: $59,460
Paterson Public Schools2019 3,535 $65,733$59,460View Details
Essex County
20173,321avg: $70,987median: $69,113
Essex County2017 3,321 $70,987$69,113View Details
Essex County
20183,293avg: $71,777median: $70,647
Essex County2018 3,293 $71,777$70,647View Details
City Of Jersey
20163,194avg: $73,865median: $56,610
City Of Jersey2016 3,194 $73,865$56,610View Details
City Of Newark
20153,190avg: $66,796median: $66,579
City Of Newark2015 3,190 $66,796$66,579View Details
Essex County
20193,159avg: $72,651median: $71,859
Essex County2019 3,159 $72,651$71,859View Details
Newark City
20173,152avg: $75,354median: $69,428
Newark City2017 3,152 $75,354$69,428View Details
Newark City
20183,143avg: $76,372median: $68,228
Newark City2018 3,143 $76,372$68,228View Details
County Of Union
20153,132avg: $53,915median: $53,047
County Of Union2015 3,132 $53,915$53,047View Details
City of Newark
20193,103avg: $76,901median: $71,076
City of Newark2019 3,103 $76,901$71,076View Details
State Police - Enlisted Personnel
20163,088avg: $90,675median: $101,884
State Police - Enlisted Personnel2016 3,088 $90,675$101,884View Details
University Of Stockton
20163,014avg: $32,351median: $10,400
University Of Stockton2016 3,014 $32,351$10,400View Details

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