Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries

We have 347,561 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $67,916 and median salary is $66,660. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City of Philadelphia
202328,122avg: $70,174median: $70,000
City of Philadelphia2023 28,122 $70,174$70,000View Details
City of Pittsburgh
20233,784avg: $76,135median: $69,210
City of Pittsburgh2023 3,784 $76,135$69,210View Details
City of Allentown
20231,125avg: $61,830median: $64,695
City of Allentown2023 1,125 $61,830$64,695View Details
City of Scranton
2023644avg: $59,491median: $59,063
City of Scranton2023 644 $59,491$59,063View Details
City of Erie
2023640avg: $50,813median: $56,799
City of Erie2023 640 $50,813$56,799View Details
City of Bethlehem
2023635avg: $77,726median: $82,816
City of Bethlehem2023 635 $77,726$82,816View Details
City of York
2023433avg: $57,255median: $54,071
City of York2023 433 $57,255$54,071View Details
City of Altoona
2023274avg: $55,112median: $55,920
City of Altoona2023 274 $55,112$55,920View Details
City of Williamsport
2023179avg: $55,914median: $57,866
City of Williamsport2023 179 $55,914$57,866View Details
City of Greensburg
2023177avg: $35,195median: $10,083
City of Greensburg2023 177 $35,195$10,083View Details
City of Lebanon
2023139avg: $50,895median: $46,904
City of Lebanon2023 139 $50,895$46,904View Details
City of St. Marys
2023139avg: $27,459median: $5,052
City of St. Marys2023 139 $27,459$5,052View Details
City of New Castle
2023121avg: $52,914median: $56,205
City of New Castle2023 121 $52,914$56,205View Details
City of Hermitage
2023113avg: $55,572median: $57,307
City of Hermitage2023 113 $55,572$57,307View Details
City of Warren
202398avg: $45,284median: $55,467
City of Warren2023 98 $45,284$55,467View Details
City of Sunbury
202397avg: $19,170median: $4,037
City of Sunbury2023 97 $19,170$4,037View Details
City of Franklin
202393avg: $37,512median: $43,043
City of Franklin2023 93 $37,512$43,043View Details
City of Washington
202387avg: $55,229median: $62,011
City of Washington2023 87 $55,229$62,011View Details
City of Bradford
202387avg: $51,444median: $50,206
City of Bradford2023 87 $51,444$50,206View Details
City of Meadville
202386avg: $59,045median: $57,142
City of Meadville2023 86 $59,045$57,142View Details