Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries

We have 388,393 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $65,282 and median salary is $64,959. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
West Chester University
20211,751avg: $67,476median: $66,263
West Chester University2021 1,751 $67,476$66,263View Details
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
20211,015avg: $74,913median: $71,125
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2021 1,015 $74,913$71,125View Details
Slippery Rock University
2021920avg: $70,070median: $66,578
Slippery Rock University2021 920 $70,070$66,578View Details
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
2021891avg: $68,433median: $63,009
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania2021 891 $68,433$63,009View Details
Millersville University
2021890avg: $63,525median: $59,860
Millersville University2021 890 $63,525$59,860View Details
Kutztown University
2021858avg: $68,299median: $64,855
Kutztown University2021 858 $68,299$64,855View Details
Shippensburg University
2021702avg: $71,177median: $67,836
Shippensburg University2021 702 $71,177$67,836View Details
California University of Pennsylvania
2021649avg: $69,498median: $61,799
California University of Pennsylvania2021 649 $69,498$61,799View Details
East Stroudsburg University
2021610avg: $65,609median: $59,122
East Stroudsburg University2021 610 $65,609$59,122View Details
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
2021566avg: $65,020median: $54,242
Clarion University of Pennsylvania2021 566 $65,020$54,242View Details
Edinboro University
2021505avg: $71,479median: $67,391
Edinboro University2021 505 $71,479$67,391View Details
Lock Haven University
2021441avg: $71,462median: $63,120
Lock Haven University2021 441 $71,462$63,120View Details
Mansfield University
2021284avg: $63,043median: $56,998
Mansfield University2021 284 $63,043$56,998View Details
Office of the Chancellor
2021152avg: $93,053median: $85,518
Office of the Chancellor2021 152 $93,053$85,518View Details
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
2021130avg: $68,790median: $65,778
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania2021 130 $68,790$65,778View Details
Indiana University
20181,813avg: $59,789median: $49,747
Indiana University2018 1,813 $59,789$49,747View Details
Bloomsburg University
20181,374avg: $56,474median: $47,361
Bloomsburg University2018 1,374 $56,474$47,361View Details
California University
20181,046avg: $55,883median: $44,084
California University2018 1,046 $55,883$44,084View Details
Clarion University
2018829avg: $54,485median: $45,209
Clarion University2018 829 $54,485$45,209View Details
Cheyney University
2018225avg: $46,528median: $38,550
Cheyney University2018 225 $46,528$38,550View Details