Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries

We have 388,393 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $65,282 and median salary is $64,959. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Westmoreland County Community College
2023819avg: $22,112median: $7,791
Westmoreland County Community College2023 819 $22,112$7,791View Details
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
2022117avg: $87,968median: $84,350
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology2022 117 $87,968$84,350View Details
State College Area Sd
2018674avg: $72,635median: $72,166
State College Area Sd2018 674 $72,635$72,166View Details
Chester County Technical College High Sc
2018109avg: $79,597median: $78,158
Chester County Technical College High Sc2018 109 $79,597$78,158View Details
Urban Pathways K-5 College Charter Schoo
201833avg: $43,886median: $40,517
Urban Pathways K-5 College Charter Schoo2018 33 $43,886$40,517View Details
Community College of Bucks County
20173,032avg: $13,821median: $3,701
Community College of Bucks County2017 3,032 $13,821$3,701View Details
Community College of Harrisburg Area
20172,748avg: $24,936median: $16,234
Community College of Harrisburg Area2017 2,748 $24,936$16,234View Details
Community College of Luzerne County
20171,113avg: $21,693median: $5,621
Community College of Luzerne County2017 1,113 $21,693$5,621View Details
Community College of Westmoreland County
20171,002avg: $19,412median: $8,304
Community College of Westmoreland County2017 1,002 $19,412$8,304View Details
College of Thaddeus Stevens Technology
2017453avg: $22,318median: $4,250
College of Thaddeus Stevens Technology2017 453 $22,318$4,250View Details
Community College of Pennsylvania Highlands
2017325avg: $17,999median: $6,555
Community College of Pennsylvania Highlands2017 325 $17,999$6,555View Details
Water Authority of State College Borough
201739avg: $56,454median: $51,287
Water Authority of State College Borough2017 39 $56,454$51,287View Details
Community College Of Lehigh Carbon
20161,203avg: $19,064median: $8,289
Community College Of Lehigh Carbon2016 1,203 $19,064$8,289View Details
Community College Of Butler County
2016229avg: $58,553median: $51,727
Community College Of Butler County2016 229 $58,553$51,727View Details