Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries

We have 388,393 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $65,282 and median salary is $64,959. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Philadelphia City School District
20239,728avg: $84,255median: $84,394
Philadelphia City School District2023 9,728 $84,255$84,394View Details
Pittsburgh School District
20232,239avg: $85,391median: $96,969
Pittsburgh School District2023 2,239 $85,391$96,969View Details
Central Bucks School District
20231,471avg: $92,614median: $99,367
Central Bucks School District2023 1,471 $92,614$99,367View Details
Allentown City School District
20231,407avg: $72,512median: $68,780
Allentown City School District2023 1,407 $72,512$68,780View Details
Commonwealth Charter Academy
20231,345avg: $66,610median: $64,400
Commonwealth Charter Academy2023 1,345 $66,610$64,400View Details
Reading School District
20231,232avg: $69,987median: $68,965
Reading School District2023 1,232 $69,987$68,965View Details
Bethlehem Area School District
20231,201avg: $75,948median: $76,693
Bethlehem Area School District2023 1,201 $75,948$76,693View Details
Downingtown Area School District
20231,153avg: $82,281median: $79,642
Downingtown Area School District2023 1,153 $82,281$79,642View Details
North Penn School District
20231,115avg: $93,272median: $97,940
North Penn School District2023 1,115 $93,272$97,940View Details
West Chester Area School District
20231,089avg: $80,912median: $74,322
West Chester Area School District2023 1,089 $80,912$74,322View Details
Lancaster School District
2023998avg: $76,496median: $78,722
Lancaster School District2023 998 $76,496$78,722View Details
Upper Darby School District
2023951avg: $72,967median: $67,757
Upper Darby School District2023 951 $72,967$67,757View Details
Central Dauphin School District
2023938avg: $70,576median: $71,333
Central Dauphin School District2023 938 $70,576$71,333View Details
Pennsbury School District
2023925avg: $84,126median: $82,317
Pennsbury School District2023 925 $84,126$82,317View Details
Council Rock School District
2023909avg: $103,253median: $115,700
Council Rock School District2023 909 $103,253$115,700View Details
Erie City School District
2023906avg: $63,151median: $64,252
Erie City School District2023 906 $63,151$64,252View Details
Lower Merion School District
2023895avg: $111,251median: $119,978
Lower Merion School District2023 895 $111,251$119,978View Details
Parkland School District
2023843avg: $82,373median: $89,102
Parkland School District2023 843 $82,373$89,102View Details
Hazleton Area School District
2023817avg: $74,223median: $79,244
Hazleton Area School District2023 817 $74,223$79,244View Details
Pocono Mountain School District
2023794avg: $86,678median: $92,485
Pocono Mountain School District2023 794 $86,678$92,485View Details