Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries

We have 172,708 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $73,938 and median salary is $73,066. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Township of Falls Authority
202314avg: $83,255median: $84,041
Township of Falls Authority2023 14 $83,255$84,041View Details
Lower Merion Township
2022731avg: $52,535median: $48,061
Lower Merion Township2022 731 $52,535$48,061View Details
Cranberry Township
2022517avg: $28,395median: $5,725
Cranberry Township2022 517 $28,395$5,725View Details
Bensalem Township
2022389avg: $63,126median: $44,446
Bensalem Township2022 389 $63,126$44,446View Details
Derry Township
2022349avg: $37,438median: $23,494
Derry Township2022 349 $37,438$23,494View Details
Upper Dublin Township
2022292avg: $46,920median: $21,254
Upper Dublin Township2022 292 $46,920$21,254View Details
Bethlehem Township
2022286avg: $27,234median: $4,236
Bethlehem Township2022 286 $27,234$4,236View Details
Ridley Township
2022282avg: $41,362median: $13,000
Ridley Township2022 282 $41,362$13,000View Details
Lower Makefield Township
2022254avg: $37,364median: $4,941
Lower Makefield Township2022 254 $37,364$4,941View Details
Bristol Township
2022237avg: $56,174median: $44,857
Bristol Township2022 237 $56,174$44,857View Details
Tredyffrin Township
2022236avg: $53,842median: $45,503
Tredyffrin Township2022 236 $53,842$45,503View Details
Falls Township
2022217avg: $64,573median: $56,743
Falls Township2022 217 $64,573$56,743View Details
Upper Merion Township
2022212avg: $88,181median: $76,521
Upper Merion Township2022 212 $88,181$76,521View Details
Millcreek Township
2022211avg: $36,759median: $43,872
Millcreek Township2022 211 $36,759$43,872View Details
Hampton Township
2022203avg: $32,031median: $6,774
Hampton Township2022 203 $32,031$6,774View Details
Whitehall Township
2022195avg: $70,473median: $69,687
Whitehall Township2022 195 $70,473$69,687View Details
Haverford Township
2022187avg: $96,098median: $83,742
Haverford Township2022 187 $96,098$83,742View Details
Ross Township
2022183avg: $49,613median: $22,822
Ross Township2022 183 $49,613$22,822View Details
Warrington Township
2022169avg: $50,542median: $26,022
Warrington Township2022 169 $50,542$26,022View Details
South Whitehall Township
2022168avg: $50,572median: $56,536
South Whitehall Township2022 168 $50,572$56,536View Details