Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries

We have 172,708 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $73,938 and median salary is $73,066. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State Police
20186,016avg: $78,864median: $81,370
State Police2018 6,016 $78,864$81,370View Details
Radnor Township Police
201851avg: $106,401median: $111,113
Radnor Township Police2018 51 $106,401$111,113View Details
Monroeville Borough Police
201846avg: $117,978median: $122,472
Monroeville Borough Police2018 46 $117,978$122,472View Details
St Clair Police
201824avg: $100,571median: $104,440
St Clair Police2018 24 $100,571$104,440View Details
Eastern Pike Regional Police Department
201810avg: $51,115median: $48,116
Eastern Pike Regional Police Department2018 10 $51,115$48,116View Details
Greenfield Township Police
20182avg: $31,050median: $31,050
Greenfield Township Police2018 2 $31,050$31,050View Details
Police Department of City of Easton
2017279avg: $59,362median: $60,376
Police Department of City of Easton2017 279 $59,362$60,376View Details
City Of Scranton Police
2017181avg: $29,219median: $31,977
City Of Scranton Police2017 181 $29,219$31,977View Details
Police Department of Columbia Borough
201784avg: $36,326median: $36,621
Police Department of Columbia Borough2017 84 $36,326$36,621View Details
Police Department of Millcreek Township
201764avg: $101,319median: $102,719
Police Department of Millcreek Township2017 64 $101,319$102,719View Details
Police Department of Northern York Regional
201759avg: $82,677median: $98,387
Police Department of Northern York Regional2017 59 $82,677$98,387View Details
Northern York County Regional Police
201753avg: $83,312median: $99,594
Northern York County Regional Police2017 53 $83,312$99,594View Details
Police Department of Susquehanna Township
201750avg: $85,659median: $95,108
Police Department of Susquehanna Township2017 50 $85,659$95,108View Details
West Chester Police
201744avg: $99,409median: $104,304
West Chester Police2017 44 $99,409$104,304View Details
Warminister Township Police
201744avg: $104,433median: $104,886
Warminister Township Police2017 44 $104,433$104,886View Details
Nothhampton Township Police
201743avg: $97,034median: $102,354
Nothhampton Township Police2017 43 $97,034$102,354View Details
Police Department of Franklin Township
201737avg: $20,085median: $7,496
Police Department of Franklin Township2017 37 $20,085$7,496View Details
Police Department of Carroll Township
201730avg: $45,015median: $49,481
Police Department of Carroll Township2017 30 $45,015$49,481View Details
Hampden Township Police
201727avg: $84,596median: $84,176
Hampden Township Police2017 27 $84,596$84,176View Details
Police Department of Washington Township
201713avg: $32,619median: $15,408
Police Department of Washington Township2017 13 $32,619$15,408View Details