Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries

We have 347,561 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $67,916 and median salary is $66,660. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Montgomery County
20232,967avg: $52,810median: $52,105
Montgomery County2023 2,967 $52,810$52,105View Details
Delaware County
20232,828avg: $58,478median: $51,626
Delaware County2023 2,828 $58,478$51,626View Details
Northampton County
20232,140avg: $41,592median: $42,392
Northampton County2023 2,140 $41,592$42,392View Details
Berks County
20231,987avg: $55,400median: $52,264
Berks County2023 1,987 $55,400$52,264View Details
Washington County
20231,887avg: $27,158median: $18,362
Washington County2023 1,887 $27,158$18,362View Details
Venango County
20231,258avg: $31,486median: $29,836
Venango County2023 1,258 $31,486$29,836View Details
Lackawanna County
20231,146avg: $43,757median: $46,670
Lackawanna County2023 1,146 $43,757$46,670View Details
Beaver County
2023963avg: $46,888median: $49,514
Beaver County2023 963 $46,888$49,514View Details
Franklin County
2023832avg: $84,509median: $82,094
Franklin County2023 832 $84,509$82,094View Details
Lebanon County
2023771avg: $38,096median: $35,112
Lebanon County2023 771 $38,096$35,112View Details
Fayette County
2023745avg: $40,838median: $41,354
Fayette County2023 745 $40,838$41,354View Details
Crawford County
2023656avg: $33,376median: $37,515
Crawford County2023 656 $33,376$37,515View Details
Wayne County
2023611avg: $35,443median: $34,102
Wayne County2023 611 $35,443$34,102View Details
Northumberland County
2023610avg: $31,120median: $34,664
Northumberland County2023 610 $31,120$34,664View Details
Greene County
2023610avg: $22,952median: $13,570
Greene County2023 610 $22,952$13,570View Details
Indiana County
2023608avg: $32,676median: $30,913
Indiana County2023 608 $32,676$30,913View Details
Armstrong County
2023451avg: $27,396median: $23,183
Armstrong County2023 451 $27,396$23,183View Details
Somerset County
2023415avg: $39,393median: $36,275
Somerset County2023 415 $39,393$36,275View Details
Carbon County
2023378avg: $39,842median: $39,728
Carbon County2023 378 $39,842$39,728View Details
Clinton County
2023371avg: $34,706median: $36,909
Clinton County2023 371 $34,706$36,909View Details