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We have 479,406 Washington state employee salaries in our database. Average Washington state employee salary is $61,377 and median salary is $57,300. Look up washington state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Washington Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Evergreen Public Schools
20223,395avg: $66,206median: $71,194
Evergreen Public Schools2022 3,395 $66,206$71,194View Details
Seattle Colleges
20223,345avg: $32,455median: $19,200
Seattle Colleges2022 3,345 $32,455$19,200View Details
Vancouver Public Schools
20223,016avg: $67,573median: $68,994
Vancouver Public Schools2022 3,016 $67,573$68,994View Details
Northshore School District
20222,949avg: $79,957median: $80,744
Northshore School District2022 2,949 $79,957$80,744View Details
Puyallup School District
20222,911avg: $68,184median: $67,343
Puyallup School District2022 2,911 $68,184$67,343View Details
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
20222,881avg: $48,258median: $47,100
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife2022 2,881 $48,258$47,100View Details
Federal Way Public Schools
20222,879avg: $67,068median: $68,354
Federal Way Public Schools2022 2,879 $67,068$68,354View Details
Bellevue School District
20222,778avg: $72,436median: $74,286
Bellevue School District2022 2,778 $72,436$74,286View Details
Spokane Community College
20222,770avg: $29,077median: $16,300
Spokane Community College2022 2,770 $29,077$16,300View Details
Bethel School District
20222,759avg: $63,593median: $62,485
Bethel School District2022 2,759 $63,593$62,485View Details
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
20222,744avg: $49,914median: $44,900
Washington State Department of Natural Resources2022 2,744 $49,914$44,900View Details
Spokane County
20222,676avg: $49,325median: $39,827
Spokane County2022 2,676 $49,325$39,827View Details
Central Washington University
20222,675avg: $41,768median: $34,100
Central Washington University2022 2,675 $41,768$34,100View Details
Highline Public Schools
20222,661avg: $69,892median: $72,657
Highline Public Schools2022 2,661 $69,892$72,657View Details
Edmonds School District
20222,655avg: $79,248median: $84,239
Edmonds School District2022 2,655 $79,248$84,239View Details
Washington State Patrol
20222,617avg: $74,401median: $71,900
Washington State Patrol2022 2,617 $74,401$71,900View Details
Port of Seattle
20222,593avg: $96,333median: $97,953
Port of Seattle2022 2,593 $96,333$97,953View Details
Everett Public Schools
20222,589avg: $80,697median: $77,927
Everett Public Schools2022 2,589 $80,697$77,927View Details
Pasco School District
20222,516avg: $59,356median: $57,594
Pasco School District2022 2,516 $59,356$57,594View Details
Kennewick School District
20222,425avg: $61,701median: $61,922
Kennewick School District2022 2,425 $61,701$61,922View Details