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We have 153,206 Washington state employee salaries in our database. Average Washington state employee salary is $66,938 and median salary is $65,883. Look up washington state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Washington Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Wenatchee Public Schools
20221,127avg: $58,303median: $55,952
Wenatchee Public Schools2022 1,127 $58,303$55,952View Details
Franklin Pierce School District
20221,095avg: $66,783median: $66,993
Franklin Pierce School District2022 1,095 $66,783$66,993View Details
Mount Vernon School District
20221,016avg: $67,862median: $64,978
Mount Vernon School District2022 1,016 $67,862$64,978View Details
Camas School District
20221,002avg: $64,004median: $65,013
Camas School District2022 1,002 $64,004$65,013View Details
Longview Public Schools
2022974avg: $55,595median: $52,792
Longview Public Schools2022 974 $55,595$52,792View Details
Tumwater School District
2022902avg: $61,838median: $60,365
Tumwater School District2022 902 $61,838$60,365View Details
Sunnyside School District
2022901avg: $63,179median: $56,493
Sunnyside School District2022 901 $63,179$56,493View Details
Oak Harbor Public Schools
2022878avg: $66,671median: $63,893
Oak Harbor Public Schools2022 878 $66,671$63,893View Details
Snoqualmie Valley School District
2022877avg: $69,190median: $72,555
Snoqualmie Valley School District2022 877 $69,190$72,555View Details
Walla Walla Public Schools
2022863avg: $57,764median: $53,909
Walla Walla Public Schools2022 863 $57,764$53,909View Details
North Kitsap School District
2022834avg: $66,088median: $63,702
North Kitsap School District2022 834 $66,088$63,702View Details
Eastmont School District
2022823avg: $62,021median: $60,139
Eastmont School District2022 823 $62,021$60,139View Details
Yelm Community Schools
2022817avg: $59,813median: $57,964
Yelm Community Schools2022 817 $59,813$57,964View Details
Cheney Public Schools
2022785avg: $53,436median: $53,368
Cheney Public Schools2022 785 $53,436$53,368View Details
Arlington Public Schools
2022710avg: $75,640median: $74,933
Arlington Public Schools2022 710 $75,640$74,933View Details
Monroe School District
2022707avg: $73,003median: $71,536
Monroe School District2022 707 $73,003$71,536View Details
Bremerton School District
2022700avg: $69,879median: $70,348
Bremerton School District2022 700 $69,879$70,348View Details
University Place School District
2022694avg: $70,598median: $71,073
University Place School District2022 694 $70,598$71,073View Details
Kelso School District
2022672avg: $55,791median: $55,073
Kelso School District2022 672 $55,791$55,073View Details
Sedro-Woolley School District
2022671avg: $67,817median: $66,115
Sedro-Woolley School District2022 671 $67,817$66,115View Details