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We have 10 District of Columbia employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in DC is $2,206,853 and median salary is $1,070,747. Look up DC public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

District of Columbia Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Department Of Youth Rehabilita
2018530avg: $72,139median: $65,549
Department Of Youth Rehabilita2018 530 $72,139$65,549View Details
Ofc. Of State Superintendent
2018397avg: $94,895median: $89,957
Ofc. Of State Superintendent2018 397 $94,895$89,957View Details
Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
2018397avg: $84,167median: $83,078
Consumer & Regulatory Affairs2018 397 $84,167$83,078View Details
Disability Services
2018366avg: $88,445median: $87,376
Disability Services2018 366 $88,445$87,376View Details
Dept Of Energy And Environment
2018363avg: $86,012median: $82,412
Dept Of Energy And Environment2018 363 $86,012$82,412View Details
Office Of Unified Communicatio
2018348avg: $69,469median: $67,812
Office Of Unified Communicatio2018 348 $69,469$67,812View Details
Office Of The Chief Technology
2018331avg: $107,095median: $107,085
Office Of The Chief Technology2018 331 $107,095$107,085View Details
Dept Of Health Care Finance
2018258avg: $102,612median: $103,905
Dept Of Health Care Finance2018 258 $102,612$103,905View Details
Dept Of Human Resources
2018252avg: $60,577median: $59,466
Dept Of Human Resources2018 252 $60,577$59,466View Details
Department Of Motor Vehicles
2018235avg: $70,365median: $63,835
Department Of Motor Vehicles2018 235 $70,365$63,835View Details
Contracting And Procurement
2018202avg: $102,920median: $101,610
Contracting And Procurement2018 202 $102,920$101,610View Details
Council Of The District
2018193avg: $91,785median: $88,691
Council Of The District2018 193 $91,785$88,691View Details
Dept Of Forensic Sciences
2018186avg: $87,480median: $83,986
Dept Of Forensic Sciences2018 186 $87,480$83,986View Details
Dept Housing & Comm Dev
2018155avg: $101,493median: $102,268
Dept Housing & Comm Dev2018 155 $101,493$102,268View Details
Board Of Elections & Ethics
2018132avg: $47,741median: $41,600
Board Of Elections & Ethics2018 132 $47,741$41,600View Details
Dc National Guard
2018122avg: $58,784median: $55,910
Dc National Guard2018 122 $58,784$55,910View Details
Insurance Securities And Bank
2018115avg: $104,205median: $103,905
Insurance Securities And Bank2018 115 $104,205$103,905View Details
Office Of The Mayor
2018107avg: $85,332median: $78,490
Office Of The Mayor2018 107 $85,332$78,490View Details
Homeland Security & Ema
2018107avg: $100,316median: $96,065
Homeland Security & Ema2018 107 $100,316$96,065View Details
Health Benefit Exchange Author
201892avg: $110,324median: $98,794
Health Benefit Exchange Author2018 92 $110,324$98,794View Details