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We have 14 District of Columbia employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in DC is $1,755,972 and median salary is $59,500. Look up DC public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

District of Columbia Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Public Works Department Of
20181avg: $29,016median: $29,016
Public Works Department Of2018 1 $29,016$29,016View Details
Office Of Community Affairs
20181avg: $55,188median: $55,188
Office Of Community Affairs2018 1 $55,188$55,188View Details
Chief Financial Officer Ofc
20171,320avg: $94,395median: $90,254
Chief Financial Officer Ofc2017 1,320 $94,395$90,254View Details
Corrections Department Of
20171,104avg: $62,408median: $59,217
Corrections Department Of2017 1,104 $62,408$59,217View Details
Department Of General Services
2017648avg: $50,437median: $51,302
Department Of General Services2017 648 $50,437$51,302View Details
Chief Technology Officer Ofc
2017331avg: $102,133median: $104,423
Chief Technology Officer Ofc2017 331 $102,133$104,423View Details
Unified Communications Ofc Of
2017329avg: $65,406median: $63,170
Unified Communications Ofc Of2017 329 $65,406$63,170View Details
Dept Housing And Comm Dvlpmt
2017153avg: $96,238median: $97,340
Dept Housing And Comm Dvlpmt2017 153 $96,238$97,340View Details
National Guard Dc
2017113avg: $49,244median: $48,693
National Guard Dc2017 113 $49,244$48,693View Details
Planning Office Of
201772avg: $103,743median: $104,423
Planning Office Of2017 72 $103,743$104,423View Details
Lottery And Charititable Games
201756avg: $90,679median: $85,530
Lottery And Charititable Games2017 56 $90,679$85,530View Details
Finance And Resource Mgmt Ofc
201720avg: $115,784median: $112,107
Finance And Resource Mgmt Ofc2017 20 $115,784$112,107View Details
Fire And Emerg. Medical Svcs
20161,984avg: $77,715median: $72,832
Fire And Emerg. Medical Svcs2016 1,984 $77,715$72,832View Details
Parks And Recreation Dept Of
2016893avg: $35,051median: $34,574
Parks And Recreation Dept Of2016 893 $35,051$34,574View Details
Public Library Dc
2016576avg: $57,709median: $52,175
Public Library Dc2016 576 $57,709$52,175View Details
Employment Services Dept Of
2016517avg: $68,877median: $67,374
Employment Services Dept Of2016 517 $68,877$67,374View Details
Consumer And Regulatory Affair
2016338avg: $79,601median: $77,711
Consumer And Regulatory Affair2016 338 $79,601$77,711View Details
Motor Vehicles Department Of
2016234avg: $63,302median: $56,969
Motor Vehicles Department Of2016 234 $63,302$56,969View Details
District Of Columbia Govt
2016231avg: $38,238median: $34,507
District Of Columbia Govt2016 231 $38,238$34,507View Details
Elections And Ethics Board Of
2016135avg: $39,654median: $41,600
Elections And Ethics Board Of2016 135 $39,654$41,600View Details