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We have 10 District of Columbia employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in DC is $2,206,853 and median salary is $1,070,747. Look up DC public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

District of Columbia Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Office Of The Chief Medical Ex
201891avg: $91,624median: $78,492
Office Of The Chief Medical Ex2018 91 $91,624$78,492View Details
Ofc Of The Inspector General
201889avg: $107,737median: $101,523
Ofc Of The Inspector General2018 89 $107,737$101,523View Details
Office Of Risk Management
201879avg: $86,987median: $87,978
Office Of Risk Management2018 79 $86,987$87,978View Details
Office Ofadministrative Hearin
201874avg: $118,547median: $135,444
Office Ofadministrative Hearin2018 74 $118,547$135,444View Details
Public Service Commission
201873avg: $121,197median: $118,670
Public Service Commission2018 73 $121,197$118,670View Details
Ofc Of Planning
201870avg: $110,931median: $115,717
Ofc Of Planning2018 70 $110,931$115,717View Details
Behavioral Health Dept. Of
201869avg: $117,383median: $106,534
Behavioral Health Dept. Of2018 69 $117,383$106,534View Details
Ofc On Aging
201868avg: $85,227median: $83,078
Ofc On Aging2018 68 $85,227$83,078View Details
Planning & Econ Dev
201866avg: $106,343median: $105,617
Planning & Econ Dev2018 66 $106,343$105,617View Details
Lottery & Charitable Games
201859avg: $96,266median: $92,094
Lottery & Charitable Games2018 59 $96,266$92,094View Details
Ofc Of The City Administrator
201855avg: $116,107median: $107,340
Ofc Of The City Administrator2018 55 $116,107$107,340View Details
Dept. Of For-Hire Vehicles
201855avg: $86,849median: $79,933
Dept. Of For-Hire Vehicles2018 55 $86,849$79,933View Details
Dept Of Small & Local Bus Dev
201850avg: $96,840median: $93,940
Dept Of Small & Local Bus Dev2018 50 $96,840$93,940View Details
Dc Retirement Board
201850avg: $108,802median: $92,457
Dc Retirement Board2018 50 $108,802$92,457View Details
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin
201845avg: $90,937median: $82,412
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin2018 45 $90,937$82,412View Details
Office Of Human Rights
201839avg: $91,487median: $90,607
Office Of Human Rights2018 39 $91,487$90,607View Details
Ofc Of Cable Television
201839avg: $92,457median: $94,822
Ofc Of Cable Television2018 39 $92,457$94,822View Details
Ofc Of The People's Counsel
201838avg: $120,728median: $118,366
Ofc Of The People's Counsel2018 38 $120,728$118,366View Details
Ofc Of The Auditor
201831avg: $100,996median: $92,250
Ofc Of The Auditor2018 31 $100,996$92,250View Details
Ofc Of The Secretary
201827avg: $94,746median: $96,065
Ofc Of The Secretary2018 27 $94,746$96,065View Details