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We have 10 District of Columbia employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in DC is $2,206,853 and median salary is $1,070,747. Look up DC public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

District of Columbia Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
District Programs
2016134avg: $66,342median: $61,617
District Programs2016 134 $66,342$61,617View Details
Inspector General Ofc Of The
2016109avg: $99,337median: $93,819
Inspector General Ofc Of The2016 109 $99,337$93,819View Details
Administrative Hearings Ofc
201690avg: $106,093median: $95,132
Administrative Hearings Ofc2016 90 $106,093$95,132View Details
Aging Office On
201680avg: $75,318median: $72,534
Aging Office On2016 80 $75,318$72,534View Details
Retirement Board Dc
201658avg: $104,288median: $88,741
Retirement Board Dc2016 58 $104,288$88,741View Details
City Administrator Ofc Of The
201653avg: $107,483median: $93,819
City Administrator Ofc Of The2016 53 $107,483$93,819View Details
Dept Of Small And Local Bus Dv
201646avg: $87,318median: $84,194
Dept Of Small And Local Bus Dv2016 46 $87,318$84,194View Details
Taxicab Commission Dc
201646avg: $77,726median: $64,688
Taxicab Commission Dc2016 46 $77,726$64,688View Details
Department Of The Environment
201646avg: $76,253median: $76,160
Department Of The Environment2016 46 $76,253$76,160View Details
Human Rights Office Of
201641avg: $83,542median: $78,687
Human Rights Office Of2016 41 $83,542$78,687View Details
People's Counsel Ofc Of The
201638avg: $109,536median: $109,385
People's Counsel Ofc Of The2016 38 $109,536$109,385View Details
Campaign Finance Office Of
201630avg: $71,457median: $64,065
Campaign Finance Office Of2016 30 $71,457$64,065View Details
Office Of Cable Television
201629avg: $86,809median: $92,211
Office Of Cable Television2016 29 $86,809$92,211View Details
Secretary Office Of The
201629avg: $80,676median: $76,774
Secretary Office Of The2016 29 $80,676$76,774View Details
Risk Management Office Of
201629avg: $88,077median: $87,625
Risk Management Office Of2016 29 $88,077$87,625View Details
Auditor Office Of The Dc
201629avg: $96,014median: $88,775
Auditor Office Of The Dc2016 29 $96,014$88,775View Details
Police Complaints Office Of
201628avg: $72,837median: $62,291
Police Complaints Office Of2016 28 $72,837$62,291View Details
Zoning Office Of
201619avg: $91,286median: $88,775
Zoning Office Of2016 19 $91,286$88,775View Details
Office Of The Tenant Advocate
201618avg: $79,751median: $75,619
Office Of The Tenant Advocate2016 18 $79,751$75,619View Details
Arts & Humanities Comm On The
201617avg: $77,619median: $74,654
Arts & Humanities Comm On The2016 17 $77,619$74,654View Details