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We have 51,853 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $66,929 and median salary is $68,723. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Department of Health
2022696avg: $65,518median: $74,169
Department of Health2022 696 $65,518$74,169View Details
Rhode Island General Assembly
2022652avg: $34,627median: $16,830
Rhode Island General Assembly2022 652 $34,627$16,830View Details
Department of Revenue
2022599avg: $60,044median: $60,201
Department of Revenue2022 599 $60,044$60,201View Details
North Kingstown School Department
2022595avg: $67,363median: $86,306
North Kingstown School Department2022 595 $67,363$86,306View Details
Cumberland School Department
2022590avg: $68,316median: $84,417
Cumberland School Department2022 590 $68,316$84,417View Details
Department of Labor and Training
2022513avg: $63,457median: $65,650
Department of Labor and Training2022 513 $63,457$65,650View Details
Chariho Regional School District
2022496avg: $68,042median: $71,099
Chariho Regional School District2022 496 $68,042$71,099View Details
Johnston Public Schools
2022494avg: $61,900median: $73,188
Johnston Public Schools2022 494 $61,900$73,188View Details
Coventry Public Schools
2022462avg: $84,689median: $89,536
Coventry Public Schools2022 462 $84,689$89,536View Details
South Kingstown Schools
2022458avg: $70,946median: $87,930
South Kingstown Schools2022 458 $70,946$87,930View Details
North Providence School District
2022448avg: $68,007median: $82,669
North Providence School District2022 448 $68,007$82,669View Details
Bristol Warren Regional School District
2022440avg: $69,494median: $85,953
Bristol Warren Regional School District2022 440 $69,494$85,953View Details
West Warwick Public Schools
2022418avg: $74,287median: $84,275
West Warwick Public Schools2022 418 $74,287$84,275View Details
Rhode Island Department of Education
2022398avg: $72,224median: $79,479
Rhode Island Department of Education2022 398 $72,224$79,479View Details
Newport Public Schools
2022395avg: $63,948median: $67,692
Newport Public Schools2022 395 $63,948$67,692View Details
Smithfield Public Schools
2022339avg: $69,749median: $85,800
Smithfield Public Schools2022 339 $69,749$85,800View Details
City of Central Falls
2022328avg: $74,226median: $84,596
City of Central Falls2022 328 $74,226$84,596View Details
Middletown School District
2022324avg: $68,670median: $84,815
Middletown School District2022 324 $68,670$84,815View Details
Barrington Public Schools
2022314avg: $88,637median: $96,934
Barrington Public Schools2022 314 $88,637$96,934View Details
Lincoln Public Schools
2022312avg: $89,093median: $95,267
Lincoln Public Schools2022 312 $89,093$95,267View Details