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We have 26,575 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $63,164 and median salary is $60,810. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Bristol Fire Dept.
20183avg: $52,160median: $52,774
Bristol Fire Dept.2018 3 $52,160$52,774View Details
Lincoln School Dept. (Nc)
20183avg: $64,247median: $61,980
Lincoln School Dept. (Nc)2018 3 $64,247$61,980View Details
East Greenwich School Dist. (Nc)
20183avg: $78,779median: $74,617
East Greenwich School Dist. (Nc)2018 3 $78,779$74,617View Details
Smithfield Housing Authority
20183avg: $56,665median: $57,063
Smithfield Housing Authority2018 3 $56,665$57,063View Details
Hope Valley-Wyoming Fire Dist.
20183avg: $52,966median: $49,194
Hope Valley-Wyoming Fire Dist.2018 3 $52,966$49,194View Details
Ri Economic Development Corporation
20181avg: $95,702median: $95,702
Ri Economic Development Corporation2018 1 $95,702$95,702View Details
Coventry Lighting Dist.
20181avg: $44,863median: $44,863
Coventry Lighting Dist.2018 1 $44,863$44,863View Details
Barrington Fire Dept. (20 Plan)
20181avg: $67,427median: $67,427
Barrington Fire Dept. (20 Plan)2018 1 $67,427$67,427View Details
Pascoag Fire District - Administration
20181avg: $58,060median: $58,060
Pascoag Fire District - Administration2018 1 $58,060$58,060View Details
State Employees
201710,188avg: $58,649median: $53,346
State Employees2017 10,188 $58,649$53,346View Details
Town of Little Compton
2017120avg: $21,835median: $4,980
Town of Little Compton2017 120 $21,835$4,980View Details
Town of Porstmouth
2017112avg: $61,852median: $57,459
Town of Porstmouth2017 112 $61,852$57,459View Details
Barrington Cola Noncertifieds
2017100avg: $37,643median: $28,946
Barrington Cola Noncertifieds2017 100 $37,643$28,946View Details
Newport Police Dept.
201717avg: $29,251median: $26,783
Newport Police Dept.2017 17 $29,251$26,783View Details
Johnston Police Dept.
201715avg: $52,012median: $58,804
Johnston Police Dept.2017 15 $52,012$58,804View Details
Pascoag Fire Dist
20176avg: $47,127median: $50,018
Pascoag Fire Dist2017 6 $47,127$50,018View Details
Narragansett Housing Auth.
20174avg: $46,223median: $44,800
Narragansett Housing Auth.2017 4 $46,223$44,800View Details
Harrisville Fire District - Muni
20174avg: $64,945median: $64,836
Harrisville Fire District - Muni2017 4 $64,945$64,836View Details
Pascoag Fire Dist. Admin.
20171avg: $55,353median: $55,353
Pascoag Fire Dist. Admin.2017 1 $55,353$55,353View Details
201694avg: $55,001median: $50,281
Revenue2016 94 $55,001$50,281View Details