Rhode Island Employers

Employers Number 1182

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Human Services
20151,026avg: $55,179median: $56,812
Human Services2015 1,026 $55,179$56,812View Details
Pawtucket School Department
20191,022avg: $67,079median: $79,380
Pawtucket School Department2019 1,022 $67,079$79,380View Details
Cranston School Dept.
20161,022avg: $73,044median: $78,471
Cranston School Dept.2016 1,022 $73,044$78,471View Details
Correctional Officers
20171,015avg: $65,876median: $67,853
Correctional Officers2017 1,015 $65,876$67,853View Details
Cranston School Dept.
20151,012avg: $71,983median: $76,932
Cranston School Dept.2015 1,012 $71,983$76,932View Details
Human Services
20161,008avg: $56,961median: $57,279
Human Services2016 1,008 $56,961$57,279View Details
Correctional Officers
20161,002avg: $61,203median: $62,901
Correctional Officers2016 1,002 $61,203$62,901View Details
Rhode Island Department of Corrections
20191,000avg: $70,110median: $71,394
Rhode Island Department of Corrections2019 1,000 $70,110$71,394View Details
Correctional Officers
2018991avg: $66,709median: $68,525
Correctional Officers2018 991 $66,709$68,525View Details
Community College of Rhode Island
2019981avg: $56,906median: $53,931
Community College of Rhode Island2019 981 $56,906$53,931View Details
R I College
2016977avg: $56,430median: $56,550
R I College2016 977 $56,430$56,550View Details
R I College
2015976avg: $55,019median: $54,784
R I College2015 976 $55,019$54,784View Details
R I College
2017969avg: $59,104median: $59,000
R I College2017 969 $59,104$59,000View Details
R I College
2018952avg: $63,503median: $60,008
R I College2018 952 $63,503$60,008View Details
Rhode Island General Assembly
2019941avg: $26,688median: $6,330
Rhode Island General Assembly2019 941 $26,688$6,330View Details
Warwick School Dept.
2016941avg: $79,957median: $81,108
Warwick School Dept.2016 941 $79,957$81,108View Details
Warwick School Dept.
2018926avg: $82,482median: $84,632
Warwick School Dept.2018 926 $82,482$84,632View Details
Warwick School Dept.
2017919avg: $79,105median: $81,108
Warwick School Dept.2017 919 $79,105$81,108View Details
Warwick School District
2019903avg: $86,681median: $87,924
Warwick School District2019 903 $86,681$87,924View Details
Superior Court Judicial Systems
2019902avg: $75,970median: $65,771
Superior Court Judicial Systems2019 902 $75,970$65,771View Details

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Average Salary