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We have 51,853 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $66,929 and median salary is $68,723. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Burrillville School Department
2022290avg: $66,801median: $81,877
Burrillville School Department2022 290 $66,801$81,877View Details
Westerly Public Schools
2022286avg: $86,306median: $89,779
Westerly Public Schools2022 286 $86,306$89,779View Details
Office of the Attorney General
2022282avg: $66,059median: $61,572
Office of the Attorney General2022 282 $66,059$61,572View Details
City of Pawtucket
2022281avg: $47,365median: $46,315
City of Pawtucket2022 281 $47,365$46,315View Details
Rhode Island State Police
2022274avg: $89,429median: $91,357
Rhode Island State Police2022 274 $89,429$91,357View Details
Portsmouth School Department
2022262avg: $77,800median: $84,631
Portsmouth School Department2022 262 $77,800$84,631View Details
East Greenwich Public Schools
2022258avg: $83,207median: $88,916
East Greenwich Public Schools2022 258 $83,207$88,916View Details
Tiverton School District
2022251avg: $64,525median: $77,370
Tiverton School District2022 251 $64,525$77,370View Details
Exeter-West Greenwich Regional School District
2022243avg: $70,700median: $75,832
Exeter-West Greenwich Regional School District2022 243 $70,700$75,832View Details
School District of North Smithfield
2022223avg: $69,937median: $85,598
School District of North Smithfield2022 223 $69,937$85,598View Details
Scituate School District
2022217avg: $65,066median: $79,745
Scituate School District2022 217 $65,066$79,745View Details
City of East Providence
2022199avg: $57,382median: $58,209
City of East Providence2022 199 $57,382$58,209View Details
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
2022199avg: $85,641median: $94,025
Executive Office of Health and Human Services2022 199 $85,641$94,025View Details
Foster-Glocester Regional School District
2022199avg: $71,124median: $78,570
Foster-Glocester Regional School District2022 199 $71,124$78,570View Details
Cranston Fire Department
2022185avg: $88,804median: $88,994
Cranston Fire Department2022 185 $88,804$88,994View Details
Town of East Greenwich
2022185avg: $39,289median: $34,111
Town of East Greenwich2022 185 $39,289$34,111View Details
Department of Business Regulation
2022182avg: $70,495median: $71,911
Department of Business Regulation2022 182 $70,495$71,911View Details
City of Cranston
2022180avg: $60,325median: $57,449
City of Cranston2022 180 $60,325$57,449View Details
City of Newport
2022175avg: $58,713median: $54,668
City of Newport2022 175 $58,713$54,668View Details
Executive Military Staff
2022170avg: $34,205median: $28,072
Executive Military Staff2022 170 $34,205$28,072View Details