Rhode Island Employee Salaries | Page 20

We have 18,105 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $69,412 and median salary is $67,863. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Foster Police Dept.
20189avg: $55,832median: $59,717
Foster Police Dept.2018 9 $55,832$59,717View Details
Johnston Housing Auth.
20188avg: $55,056median: $51,758
Johnston Housing Auth.2018 8 $55,056$51,758View Details
Lieutenant Governor
20188avg: $75,140median: $59,366
Lieutenant Governor2018 8 $75,140$59,366View Details
Warren Housing Auth.
20188avg: $47,658median: $46,033
Warren Housing Auth.2018 8 $47,658$46,033View Details
Workers Compensation (Judges)
20188avg: $162,997median: $168,326
Workers Compensation (Judges)2018 8 $162,997$168,326View Details
Ri Airport Corporation
20188avg: $74,672median: $79,460
Ri Airport Corporation2018 8 $74,672$79,460View Details
Union Fire Dist.
20187avg: $50,561median: $51,171
Union Fire Dist.2018 7 $50,561$51,171View Details
West Warwick Housing Auth.
20187avg: $52,676median: $54,840
West Warwick Housing Auth.2018 7 $52,676$54,840View Details
Environmental Management
20186avg: $65,623median: $62,836
Environmental Management2018 6 $65,623$62,836View Details
New Shoreham Police Dept.
20186avg: $63,627median: $62,511
New Shoreham Police Dept.2018 6 $63,627$62,511View Details
Scituate Police Dept. - Est 7/1/16
20185avg: $55,585median: $58,088
Scituate Police Dept. - Est 7/1/162018 5 $55,585$58,088View Details
Greenville Water Dist.
20185avg: $69,505median: $64,473
Greenville Water Dist.2018 5 $69,505$64,473View Details
North Providence Hsg. Auth.
20185avg: $54,587median: $50,819
North Providence Hsg. Auth.2018 5 $54,587$50,819View Details
Supreme Court Judges
20184avg: $203,933median: $198,652
Supreme Court Judges2018 4 $203,933$198,652View Details
Comm.On Disabilities
20184avg: $63,418median: $59,315
Comm.On Disabilities2018 4 $63,418$59,315View Details
Mental Health Advocate
20184avg: $82,925median: $82,065
Mental Health Advocate2018 4 $82,925$82,065View Details
City Of Newport - Monthly
20184avg: $1,334median: $1,584
City Of Newport - Monthly2018 4 $1,334$1,584View Details
Burrillville Housing Auth.
20184avg: $52,720median: $49,696
Burrillville Housing Auth.2018 4 $52,720$49,696View Details
Comm On Deaf/Hearing
20184avg: $68,725median: $68,384
Comm On Deaf/Hearing2018 4 $68,725$68,384View Details
Harrisville Fire District - Municipal
20184avg: $64,727median: $63,952
Harrisville Fire District - Municipal2018 4 $64,727$63,952View Details