City Salaries in California

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
City Of Alturas
CA2018employees: 21average:$39,982
City Of AlturasCA 21 $39,982View Salaries
City Of Belvedere
CA2018employees: 22average:$102,911
City Of BelvedereCA 22 $102,911View Salaries
City Of Biggs
CA2018employees: 8average:$48,601
City Of BiggsCA 8 $48,601View Salaries
City Of Blue Lake
CA2018employees: 8average:$39,044
City Of Blue LakeCA 8 $39,044View Salaries
City Of Bradbury
CA2018employees: 3average:$64,747
City Of BradburyCA 3 $64,747View Salaries
City Of Buellton
CA2018employees: 22average:$61,306
City Of BuelltonCA 22 $61,306View Salaries
City Of Calimesa
CA2018employees: 10average:$88,929
City Of CalimesaCA 10 $88,929View Salaries
City Of Calipatria
CA2018employees: 12average:$45,841
City Of CalipatriaCA 12 $45,841View Salaries
City Of Canyon Lake
CA2018employees: 5average:$65,746
City Of Canyon LakeCA 5 $65,746View Salaries
City Of Colfax
CA2018employees: 11average:$50,557
City Of ColfaxCA 11 $50,557View Salaries
City Of Cudahy
CA2018employees: 21average:$64,964
City Of CudahyCA 21 $64,964View Salaries
City Of Del Rey Oaks
CA2018employees: 8average:$99,626
City Of Del Rey OaksCA 8 $99,626View Salaries
City Of Dos Palos
CA2018employees: 22average:$40,032
City Of Dos PalosCA 22 $40,032View Salaries
City Of Dunsmuir
CA2018employees: 12average:$47,582
City Of DunsmuirCA 12 $47,582View Salaries
City Of Eastvale
CA2018employees: 17average:$41,719
City Of EastvaleCA 17 $41,719View Salaries
City Of Etna
CA2018employees: 11average:$32,425
City Of EtnaCA 11 $32,425View Salaries
City Of Grand Terrace
CA2018employees: 19average:$74,448
City Of Grand TerraceCA 19 $74,448View Salaries
City Of Hidden Hills
CA2018employees: 3average:$90,589
City Of Hidden HillsCA 3 $90,589View Salaries
City Of Hughson
CA2018employees: 14average:$59,499
City Of HughsonCA 14 $59,499View Salaries
City Of Ione
CA2018employees: 16average:$63,116
City Of IoneCA 16 $63,116View Salaries
City Of Laguna Woods
CA2018employees: 9average:$98,200
City Of Laguna WoodsCA 9 $98,200View Salaries
City Of Live Oak
CA2018employees: 21average:$40,901
City Of Live OakCA 21 $40,901View Salaries
City Of Maywood
CA2018employees: 19average:$37,201
City Of MaywoodCA 19 $37,201View Salaries
City Of Montague
CA2018employees: 8average:$22,100
City Of MontagueCA 8 $22,100View Salaries
City Of Monte Sereno
CA2018employees: 7average:$137,374
City Of Monte SerenoCA 7 $137,374View Salaries
City Of Portola
CA2018employees: 10average:$39,908
City Of PortolaCA 10 $39,908View Salaries
City Of Ripon
CA2018employees: 19average:$70,640
City Of RiponCA 19 $70,640View Salaries
City Of Rolling Hills
CA2018employees: 4average:$73,796
City Of Rolling HillsCA 4 $73,796View Salaries
City Of San Joaquin
CA2018employees: 13average:$44,282
City Of San JoaquinCA 13 $44,282View Salaries
City Of Sutter Creek
CA2018employees: 13average:$60,408
City Of Sutter CreekCA 13 $60,408View Salaries
City Of Tulelake
CA2018employees: 8average:$36,475
City Of TulelakeCA 8 $36,475View Salaries
City Of Villa Park
CA2018employees: 7average:$66,400
City Of Villa ParkCA 7 $66,400View Salaries
City Of Waterford
CA2018employees: 18average:$57,687
City Of WaterfordCA 18 $57,687View Salaries
City Of Westlake Village
CA2018employees: 19average:$105,962
City Of Westlake VillageCA 19 $105,962View Salaries
City Of Wildomar
CA2018employees: 17average:$79,946
City Of WildomarCA 17 $79,946View Salaries
City Of Willows
CA2018employees: 16average:$45,616
City Of WillowsCA 16 $45,616View Salaries
CA2021employees: 12average:$14,200
DorrisCA 12 $14,200View Salaries
CA2020employees: 7average:$88,589
DunsmuirCA 7 $88,589View Salaries
CA2020employees: 6average:$58,913
IsletonCA 6 $58,913View Salaries
CA2021employees: 7average:$19,130
LoyaltonCA 7 $19,130View Salaries
Rocketship Redwood City
CA2018employees: 21average:$38,771
Rocketship Redwood CityCA 21 $38,771View Salaries
San Juan Bautista
CA2020employees: 17average:$55,903
San Juan BautistaCA 17 $55,903View Salaries
Successor Agency To The Redevelopment Agency Of The City Of Fresno
CA2018employees: 2average:$84,995
Successor Agency To The Redevelopment Agency Of The City Of FresnoCA 2 $84,995View Salaries
Successor Agency To The Redevelopment Agency Of The City Of San Bernardino
CA2018employees: 1average:$89,988
Successor Agency To The Redevelopment Agency Of The City Of San BernardinoCA 1 $89,988View Salaries
CA2022employees: 18average:$39,235
BiggsCA 18 $39,235View Salaries
CA2022employees: 3average:$112,510
BradburyCA 3 $112,510View Salaries
Hidden Hills
CA2022employees: 4average:$140,613
Hidden HillsCA 4 $140,613View Salaries
Jurupa Valley
CA2022employees: 14average:$95,976
Jurupa ValleyCA 14 $95,976View Salaries
Laguna Woods
CA2022employees: 18average:$52,970
Laguna WoodsCA 18 $52,970View Salaries
CA2022employees: 9average:$19,458
MaricopaCA 9 $19,458View Salaries
CA2022employees: 11average:$44,003
MontagueCA 11 $44,003View Salaries
Monte Sereno
CA2022employees: 9average:$140,869
Monte SerenoCA 9 $140,869View Salaries
CA2022employees: 11average:$77,787
PlymouthCA 11 $77,787View Salaries
Point Arena
CA2022employees: 20average:$28,733
Point ArenaCA 20 $28,733View Salaries
Portola Valley
CA2022employees: 21average:$128,772
Portola ValleyCA 21 $128,772View Salaries
Rolling Hills
CA2022employees: 8average:$103,740
Rolling HillsCA 8 $103,740View Salaries
San Joaquin
CA2022employees: 20average:$70,813
San JoaquinCA 20 $70,813View Salaries
CA2022employees: 16average:$33,898
TrinidadCA 16 $33,898View Salaries
Villa Park
CA2022employees: 11average:$86,247
Villa ParkCA 11 $86,247View Salaries
Amador City
CA2022employees: 5average:$11,812
Amador CityCA 5 $11,812View Salaries