City Salaries in Mississippi

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
City of Brandon
MS2020employees: 260average:$29,155
City of BrandonMS 260 $29,155View Salaries
City of Brookhaven
MS2022employees: 156average:$37,147
City of BrookhavenMS 156 $37,147View Salaries
City of Cleveland
MS2021employees: 123average:$40,836
City of ClevelandMS 123 $40,836View Salaries
City of D'iberville
MS2020employees: 144average:$43,371
City of D'ibervilleMS 144 $43,371View Salaries
City of Holly Springs
MS2019employees: 65average:$2,653
City of Holly SpringsMS 65 $2,653View Salaries
City of Horn Lake
MS2021employees: 177average:$47,184
City of Horn LakeMS 177 $47,184View Salaries
City of Jackson
MS2021employees: 1476average:$34,234
City of JacksonMS 1,476 $34,234View Salaries
City of Lucedale
MS2020employees: 104average:$17,367
City of LucedaleMS 104 $17,367View Salaries
City of Pass Christian
MS2021employees: 291average:$1,086
City of Pass ChristianMS 291 $1,086View Salaries
City Of Pontotoc
MS2016employees: 97average:$33,779
City Of PontotocMS 97 $33,779View Salaries
City of Rosedale
MS2020employees: 24average:$13,961
City of RosedaleMS 24 $13,961View Salaries
City Of Saltillo
MS2017employees: 51average:$26,129
City Of SaltilloMS 51 $26,129View Salaries
City of West Point
MS2019employees: 38average:$46,120
City of West PointMS 38 $46,120View Salaries
City of Collins
MS2022employees: 90average:$27,974
City of CollinsMS 90 $27,974View Salaries
City of Diamondhead
MS2022employees: 43average:$26,121
City of DiamondheadMS 43 $26,121View Salaries
City of Florence
MS2022employees: 42average:$35,953
City of FlorenceMS 42 $35,953View Salaries
City of Gautier
MS2022employees: 177average:$32,374
City of GautierMS 177 $32,374View Salaries
City of Moss Point
MS2022employees: 96average:$40,651
City of Moss PointMS 96 $40,651View Salaries
City of Petal
MS2022employees: 135average:$36,488
City of PetalMS 135 $36,488View Salaries
City of Tupelo
MS2022employees: 645average:$36,859
City of TupeloMS 645 $36,859View Salaries
City of Byram
MS2022employees: 103average:$35,238
City of ByramMS 103 $35,238View Salaries
City of Clarksdale
MS2022employees: 109average:$43,484
City of ClarksdaleMS 109 $43,484View Salaries
City of Long Beach
MS2022employees: 149average:$33,083
City of Long BeachMS 149 $33,083View Salaries
City of Pascagoula
MS2022employees: 199average:$44,600
City of PascagoulaMS 199 $44,600View Salaries
City of Nettleton
MS2023employees: 30average:$23,018
City of NettletonMS 30 $23,018View Salaries
City of Oxford
MS2023employees: 424average:$53,869
City of OxfordMS 424 $53,869View Salaries
City of Bruce
MS2023employees: 38average:$19,619
City of BruceMS 38 $19,619View Salaries
City of Forest
MS2023employees: 144average:$23,487
City of ForestMS 144 $23,487View Salaries
City of Richland
MS2023employees: 194average:$30,855
City of RichlandMS 194 $30,855View Salaries
City of Batesville
MS2023employees: 185average:$44,153
City of BatesvilleMS 185 $44,153View Salaries
City of Ellisville
MS2022employees: 69average:$22,347
City of EllisvilleMS 69 $22,347View Salaries
City of Iuka
MS2023employees: 72average:$19,362
City of IukaMS 72 $19,362View Salaries
City of Laurel
MS2022employees: 251average:$34,356
City of LaurelMS 251 $34,356View Salaries
City of Newton
MS2022employees: 85average:$17,863
City of NewtonMS 85 $17,863View Salaries
City of Picayune
MS2022employees: 200average:$38,283
City of PicayuneMS 200 $38,283View Salaries
City of Starkville
MS2023employees: 244average:$45,761
City of StarkvilleMS 244 $45,761View Salaries
City of Amory
MS2023employees: 131average:$45,565
City of AmoryMS 131 $45,565View Salaries
City of Biloxi
MS2023employees: 647average:$67,826
City of BiloxiMS 647 $67,826View Salaries
City of Booneville
MS2023employees: 220average:$17,550
City of BoonevilleMS 220 $17,550View Salaries
City of Hattiesburg
MS2023employees: 596average:$43,435
City of HattiesburgMS 596 $43,435View Salaries
City of Meridian
MS2023employees: 491average:$39,039
City of MeridianMS 491 $39,039View Salaries
City of New Albany
MS2023employees: 267average:$17,979
City of New AlbanyMS 267 $17,979View Salaries
City of Ocean Springs
MS2023employees: 211average:$37,615
City of Ocean SpringsMS 211 $37,615View Salaries
City of Ridgeland
MS2023employees: 280average:$50,107
City of RidgelandMS 280 $50,107View Salaries
City of Southaven
MS2023employees: 560average:$51,329
City of SouthavenMS 560 $51,329View Salaries
City of Clinton
MS2023employees: 304average:$37,657
City of ClintonMS 304 $37,657View Salaries
City of Columbus
MS2023employees: 313average:$32,512
City of ColumbusMS 313 $32,512View Salaries
City of Crystal Springs
MS2021employees: 71average:$22,895
City of Crystal SpringsMS 71 $22,895View Salaries
City of Greenville
MS2023employees: 422average:$29,289
City of GreenvilleMS 422 $29,289View Salaries
City of Greenwood
MS2023employees: 186average:$33,581
City of GreenwoodMS 186 $33,581View Salaries
City of Olive Branch
MS2023employees: 667average:$40,025
City of Olive BranchMS 667 $40,025View Salaries