City Salaries in New Mexico

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
City Of Belen
NM2018employees: 105average:$51,152
City Of BelenNM 105 $51,152View Salaries
City of Deming
NM2019employees: 229average:$28,675
City of DemingNM 229 $28,675View Salaries
City of Las Cruces
NM2022employees: 1270average:$51,531
City of Las CrucesNM 1,270 $51,531View Salaries
City of Lordsburg
NM2020employees: 37average:$37,984
City of LordsburgNM 37 $37,984View Salaries
City of Rio Rancho
NM2022employees: 922average:$41,465
City of Rio RanchoNM 922 $41,465View Salaries
City of Socorro
NM2019employees: 267average:$19,944
City of SocorroNM 267 $19,944View Salaries
City of Alamogordo
NM2022employees: 339average:$43,823
City of AlamogordoNM 339 $43,823View Salaries
City of Anthony
NM2022employees: 44average:$21,149
City of AnthonyNM 44 $21,149View Salaries
City of Artesia
NM2022employees: 161average:$53,064
City of ArtesiaNM 161 $53,064View Salaries
City of Aztec
NM2022employees: 164average:$31,438
City of AztecNM 164 $31,438View Salaries
City of Bayard
NM2022employees: 21average:$35,085
City of BayardNM 21 $35,085View Salaries
City of Bloomfield
NM2022employees: 147average:$27,854
City of BloomfieldNM 147 $27,854View Salaries
City of Carlsbad
NM2022employees: 608average:$48,214
City of CarlsbadNM 608 $48,214View Salaries
City of Clovis
NM2022employees: 353average:$43,106
City of ClovisNM 353 $43,106View Salaries
City of Eunice
NM2022employees: 152average:$25,652
City of EuniceNM 152 $25,652View Salaries
City of Farmington
NM2022employees: 1152average:$45,117
City of FarmingtonNM 1,152 $45,117View Salaries
City of Gallup
NM2022employees: 385average:$42,979
City of GallupNM 385 $42,979View Salaries
City of Grants
NM2022employees: 186average:$23,022
City of GrantsNM 186 $23,022View Salaries
City of Hobbs
NM2022employees: 772average:$41,468
City of HobbsNM 772 $41,468View Salaries
City of Jal
NM2022employees: 63average:$44,490
City of JalNM 63 $44,490View Salaries
City of Las Vegas
NM2022employees: 306average:$40,624
City of Las VegasNM 306 $40,624View Salaries
City of Portales
NM2022employees: 199average:$38,111
City of PortalesNM 199 $38,111View Salaries
City of Roswell
NM2022employees: 1205average:$43,646
City of RoswellNM 1,205 $43,646View Salaries
City of Ruidoso Downs
NM2022employees: 44average:$40,111
City of Ruidoso DownsNM 44 $40,111View Salaries
City of Santa Fe
NM2022employees: 1626average:$52,090
City of Santa FeNM 1,626 $52,090View Salaries
City of Sunland Park
NM2022employees: 133average:$43,902
City of Sunland ParkNM 133 $43,902View Salaries
City of Truth Or Consequences
NM2022employees: 159average:$27,900
City of Truth Or ConsequencesNM 159 $27,900View Salaries
City of Tucumcari
NM2022employees: 123average:$27,410
City of TucumcariNM 123 $27,410View Salaries
City of Albuquerque
NM2022employees: 5557average:$58,523
City of AlbuquerqueNM 5,557 $58,523View Salaries
City of Elephant Butte
NM2022employees: 33average:$14,823
City of Elephant ButteNM 33 $14,823View Salaries
City of Espanola
NM2022employees: 197average:$42,317
City of EspanolaNM 197 $42,317View Salaries
City of Raton
NM2022employees: 119average:$29,248
City of RatonNM 119 $29,248View Salaries