City Salaries in Maryland

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
City Of Havre
MD2016employees: 148average:$55,902
City Of HavreMD 148 $55,902View Salaries
City of Laurel
MD2021employees: 196average:$74,234
City of LaurelMD 196 $74,234View Salaries
City Of Pocomoke
MD2016employees: 63average:$40,832
City Of PocomokeMD 63 $40,832View Salaries
City of Bowie
MD2022employees: 511average:$55,764
City of BowieMD 511 $55,764View Salaries
City of Brunswick
MD2022employees: 78average:$51,798
City of BrunswickMD 78 $51,798View Salaries
City of Seat Pleasant
MD2022employees: 76average:$40,510
City of Seat PleasantMD 76 $40,510View Salaries
City of Glenarden
MD2022employees: 63average:$34,411
City of GlenardenMD 63 $34,411View Salaries
City of New Carrollton
MD2022employees: 90average:$53,180
City of New CarrolltonMD 90 $53,180View Salaries
City of Aberdeen
MD2023employees: 219average:$61,382
City of AberdeenMD 219 $61,382View Salaries
City of Frostburg
MD2023employees: 96average:$23,479
City of FrostburgMD 96 $23,479View Salaries
City of Rockville
MD2023employees: 1283average:$41,716
City of RockvilleMD 1,283 $41,716View Salaries
City of Taneytown
MD2023employees: 53average:$44,199
City of TaneytownMD 53 $44,199View Salaries
City of Annapolis
MD2023employees: 728average:$74,498
City of AnnapolisMD 728 $74,498View Salaries
City of Baltimore
MD2023employees: 17101average:$58,913
City of BaltimoreMD 17,101 $58,913View Salaries
City of College Park
MD2023employees: 123average:$70,966
City of College ParkMD 123 $70,966View Salaries
City of District Heights
MD2023employees: 65average:$32,818
City of District HeightsMD 65 $32,818View Salaries
City of Fruitland
MD2022employees: 67average:$44,016
City of FruitlandMD 67 $44,016View Salaries
City of Gaithersburg
MD2022employees: 839average:$36,670
City of GaithersburgMD 839 $36,670View Salaries
City of Greenbelt
MD2022employees: 594average:$28,823
City of GreenbeltMD 594 $28,823View Salaries
City of Hagerstown
MD2023employees: 537average:$57,527
City of HagerstownMD 537 $57,527View Salaries
City of Havre de Grace
MD2023employees: 160average:$60,842
City of Havre de GraceMD 160 $60,842View Salaries
City of Mount Rainier
MD2023employees: 55average:$61,868
City of Mount RainierMD 55 $61,868View Salaries
City of Pocomoke City
MD2023employees: 98average:$29,976
City of Pocomoke CityMD 98 $29,976View Salaries
City of Takoma Park
MD2022employees: 280average:$47,451
City of Takoma ParkMD 280 $47,451View Salaries
City of Westminster
MD2023employees: 292average:$39,630
City of WestminsterMD 292 $39,630View Salaries
City of Cambridge
MD2023employees: 108average:$59,274
City of CambridgeMD 108 $59,274View Salaries
City of Cumberland
MD2023employees: 331average:$52,651
City of CumberlandMD 331 $52,651View Salaries
City of Frederick
MD2023employees: 1031average:$48,983
City of FrederickMD 1,031 $48,983View Salaries
City of Hyattsville
MD2023employees: 146average:$74,255
City of HyattsvilleMD 146 $74,255View Salaries
City of Salisbury
MD2023employees: 443average:$57,650
City of SalisburyMD 443 $57,650View Salaries