City Salaries in Vermont

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
City Of St. Albans
VT2017employees: 69average:$49,855
City Of St. AlbansVT 69 $49,855View Salaries
City of Burlington
VT2022employees: 3326average:$38,508
City of BurlingtonVT 3,326 $38,508View Salaries
City of Winooski
VT2022employees: 160average:$25,942
City of WinooskiVT 160 $25,942View Salaries
City of Barre
VT2023employees: 157average:$48,117
City of BarreVT 157 $48,117View Salaries
City of Montpelier
VT2023employees: 207average:$48,144
City of MontpelierVT 207 $48,144View Salaries
City of Newport
VT2023employees: 145average:$24,774
City of NewportVT 145 $24,774View Salaries
City of Saint Albans
VT2023employees: 197average:$31,873
City of Saint AlbansVT 197 $31,873View Salaries
City of South Burlington
VT2023employees: 214average:$62,964
City of South BurlingtonVT 214 $62,964View Salaries
City of Vergennes
VT2023employees: 116average:$12,292
City of VergennesVT 116 $12,292View Salaries
City of Rutland
VT2023employees: 471average:$27,267
City of RutlandVT 471 $27,267View Salaries