City Salaries in New Jersey

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Absecon City
NJ2018employees: 51average:$62,233
Absecon CityNJ 51 $62,233View Salaries
Avon By The Sea
NJ2018employees: 35average:$71,927
Avon By The SeaNJ 35 $71,927View Salaries
Beverly City
NJ2016employees: 40average:$57,991
Beverly CityNJ 40 $57,991View Salaries
Bordentown City
NJ2018employees: 35average:$58,878
Bordentown CityNJ 35 $58,878View Salaries
Brigantine City
NJ2018employees: 136average:$76,820
Brigantine CityNJ 136 $76,820View Salaries
Burlington City
NJ2018employees: 84average:$72,783
Burlington CityNJ 84 $72,783View Salaries
Cape May City
NJ2018employees: 106average:$58,434
Cape May CityNJ 106 $58,434View Salaries
City Of Corbin
NJ2016employees: 14average:$8,337
City Of CorbinNJ 14 $8,337View Salaries
Corbin City
NJ2018employees: 3average:$82,453
Corbin CityNJ 3 $82,453View Salaries
Estell Manor City
NJ2018employees: 3average:$102,886
Estell Manor CityNJ 3 $102,886View Salaries
Garfield City
NJ2018employees: 157average:$73,932
Garfield CityNJ 157 $73,932View Salaries
NJ2016employees: 193average:$72,629
GlassboroNJ 193 $72,629View Salaries
Gloucester City
NJ2018employees: 115average:$68,611
Gloucester CityNJ 115 $68,611View Salaries
Lambertville City
NJ2018employees: 32average:$47,108
Lambertville CityNJ 32 $47,108View Salaries
Linwood City
NJ2018employees: 52average:$56,168
Linwood CityNJ 52 $56,168View Salaries
Margate City
NJ2018employees: 141average:$80,925
Margate CityNJ 141 $80,925View Salaries
Millville City
NJ2018employees: 197average:$58,854
Millville CityNJ 197 $58,854View Salaries
Neptune City
NJ2016employees: 43average:$53,444
Neptune CityNJ 43 $53,444View Salaries
North Wildwood City
NJ2018employees: 107average:$56,853
North Wildwood CityNJ 107 $56,853View Salaries
Northfield City
NJ2018employees: 63average:$55,045
Northfield CityNJ 63 $55,045View Salaries
Palisades Park
NJ2016employees: 173average:$66,324
Palisades ParkNJ 173 $66,324View Salaries
Parking Authority Of Union City
NJ2016employees: 119average:$9,622
Parking Authority Of Union CityNJ 119 $9,622View Salaries
Pleasantville City
NJ2018employees: 156average:$72,116
Pleasantville CityNJ 156 $72,116View Salaries
Port Republic City
NJ2018employees: 4average:$51,425
Port Republic CityNJ 4 $51,425View Salaries
Redevelopment Agency Of Jersey City
NJ2016employees: 14average:$78,579
Redevelopment Agency Of Jersey CityNJ 14 $78,579View Salaries
NJ2016employees: 35average:$66,430
RivertonNJ 35 $66,430View Salaries
Salem City
NJ2018employees: 54average:$52,880
Salem CityNJ 54 $52,880View Salaries
Sea Isle City
NJ2018employees: 113average:$65,412
Sea Isle CityNJ 113 $65,412View Salaries
Somers Point City
NJ2018employees: 84average:$62,320
Somers Point CityNJ 84 $62,320View Salaries
South Amboy City
NJ2018employees: 81average:$65,228
South Amboy CityNJ 81 $65,228View Salaries
Ventnor City
NJ2018employees: 159average:$75,051
Ventnor CityNJ 159 $75,051View Salaries
Wildwood City
NJ2018employees: 172average:$65,190
Wildwood CityNJ 172 $65,190View Salaries
Woodbury City
NJ2018employees: 79average:$58,559
Woodbury CityNJ 79 $58,559View Salaries
City of Absecon
NJ2023employees: 49average:$73,498
City of AbseconNJ 49 $73,498View Salaries
City of Avon-by-the-Sea
NJ2023employees: 36average:$68,511
City of Avon-by-the-SeaNJ 36 $68,511View Salaries
City of Beverly
NJ2023employees: 16average:$59,854
City of BeverlyNJ 16 $59,854View Salaries
City of Bordentown
NJ2023employees: 38average:$70,072
City of BordentownNJ 38 $70,072View Salaries
City of Brigantine
NJ2023employees: 129average:$84,279
City of BrigantineNJ 129 $84,279View Salaries
City of Burlington
NJ2023employees: 84average:$76,593
City of BurlingtonNJ 84 $76,593View Salaries
City of Cape May
NJ2023employees: 125average:$57,267
City of Cape MayNJ 125 $57,267View Salaries
City of Corbin City
NJ2023employees: 1average:$11,104
City of Corbin CityNJ 1 $11,104View Salaries
City of Egg Harbor
NJ2023employees: 29average:$66,578
City of Egg HarborNJ 29 $66,578View Salaries
City of Estell Manor
NJ2023employees: 3average:$36,616
City of Estell ManorNJ 3 $36,616View Salaries
City of Garfield
NJ2023employees: 141average:$84,978
City of GarfieldNJ 141 $84,978View Salaries
City of Gloucester
NJ2023employees: 117average:$74,580
City of GloucesterNJ 117 $74,580View Salaries
City of Lambertville
NJ2023employees: 28average:$61,547
City of LambertvilleNJ 28 $61,547View Salaries
City of Linwood
NJ2023employees: 44average:$64,013
City of LinwoodNJ 44 $64,013View Salaries
City of Margate
NJ2023employees: 140average:$91,816
City of MargateNJ 140 $91,816View Salaries
City of North Wildwood
NJ2023employees: 109average:$66,187
City of North WildwoodNJ 109 $66,187View Salaries
City of Northfield
NJ2023employees: 55average:$64,448
City of NorthfieldNJ 55 $64,448View Salaries
City of Pleasantville
NJ2023employees: 142average:$77,712
City of PleasantvilleNJ 142 $77,712View Salaries
City of Port Republic
NJ2023employees: 4average:$57,167
City of Port RepublicNJ 4 $57,167View Salaries
City of Salem
NJ2023employees: 51average:$62,041
City of SalemNJ 51 $62,041View Salaries
City of Sea Isle
NJ2023employees: 107average:$71,936
City of Sea IsleNJ 107 $71,936View Salaries
City of Somers Point
NJ2023employees: 82average:$68,467
City of Somers PointNJ 82 $68,467View Salaries
City of South Amboy
NJ2023employees: 75average:$81,644
City of South AmboyNJ 75 $81,644View Salaries
City of Summit
NJ2023employees: 189average:$91,406
City of SummitNJ 189 $91,406View Salaries
City of Ventnor
NJ2023employees: 151average:$83,688
City of VentnorNJ 151 $83,688View Salaries
City of Wildwood
NJ2023employees: 165average:$71,958
City of WildwoodNJ 165 $71,958View Salaries
City of Woodbury
NJ2023employees: 87average:$67,739
City of WoodburyNJ 87 $67,739View Salaries