City Salaries in Connecticut

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Brass City
CT2018employees: 2average:$32,438
Brass CityCT 2 $32,438View Salaries
City of Middletown
CT2019employees: 481average:$75,326
City of MiddletownCT 481 $75,326View Salaries
City of Norwich
CT2017employees: 273average:$63,771
City of NorwichCT 273 $63,771View Salaries
City of Stamford
CT2022employees: 5161average:$67,731
City of StamfordCT 5,161 $67,731View Salaries
City of Derby
CT2022employees: 178average:$36,919
City of DerbyCT 178 $36,919View Salaries
City of Hartford
CT2022employees: 2125average:$63,293
City of HartfordCT 2,125 $63,293View Salaries
City of New Haven
CT2022employees: 8162average:$41,433
City of New HavenCT 8,162 $41,433View Salaries
City of Norwalk
CT2022employees: 3651average:$55,858
City of NorwalkCT 3,651 $55,858View Salaries
City of Torrington
CT2022employees: 255average:$44,620
City of TorringtonCT 255 $44,620View Salaries
City of Bridgeport
CT2022employees: 2287average:$56,615
City of BridgeportCT 2,287 $56,615View Salaries
City of Waterbury
CT2022employees: 4522average:$54,554
City of WaterburyCT 4,522 $54,554View Salaries
City of West Haven
CT2022employees: 706average:$49,582
City of West HavenCT 706 $49,582View Salaries
City of Ansonia
CT2023employees: 229average:$48,879
City of AnsoniaCT 229 $48,879View Salaries
City of Danbury
CT2023employees: 699average:$83,554
City of DanburyCT 699 $83,554View Salaries
City of Meriden
CT2023employees: 733average:$69,912
City of MeridenCT 733 $69,912View Salaries
City of Milford
CT2023employees: 922average:$55,861
City of MilfordCT 922 $55,861View Salaries
City of New London
CT2023employees: 465average:$58,368
City of New LondonCT 465 $58,368View Salaries
City of Bristol
CT2023employees: 1371average:$83,692
City of BristolCT 1,371 $83,692View Salaries
City of New Britain
CT2023employees: 517average:$79,575
City of New BritainCT 517 $79,575View Salaries