City Salaries in Maine

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
City of Auburn
ME2023employees: 294average:$60,749
City of AuburnME 294 $60,749View Salaries
City of Augusta
ME2023employees: 380average:$51,465
City of AugustaME 380 $51,465View Salaries
City of Bangor
ME2023employees: 196average:$73,981
City of BangorME 196 $73,981View Salaries
City of Bath
ME2023employees: 125average:$57,546
City of BathME 125 $57,546View Salaries
City of Belfast
ME2023employees: 84average:$54,816
City of BelfastME 84 $54,816View Salaries
City of Biddeford
ME2023employees: 291average:$55,032
City of BiddefordME 291 $55,032View Salaries
City of Brewer
ME2023employees: 315average:$29,173
City of BrewerME 315 $29,173View Salaries
City of Calais
ME2023employees: 54average:$38,598
City of CalaisME 54 $38,598View Salaries
City of Caribou
ME2023employees: 25average:$61,046
City of CaribouME 25 $61,046View Salaries
City of Eastport
ME2023employees: 8average:$34,415
City of EastportME 8 $34,415View Salaries
City of Ellsworth
ME2023employees: 134average:$45,670
City of EllsworthME 134 $45,670View Salaries
City of Gardiner
ME2023employees: 75average:$53,938
City of GardinerME 75 $53,938View Salaries
City of Hallowell
ME2023employees: 10average:$56,020
City of HallowellME 10 $56,020View Salaries
City of Lewiston
ME2023employees: 512average:$55,334
City of LewistonME 512 $55,334View Salaries
City of Old Town
ME2023employees: 88average:$62,030
City of Old TownME 88 $62,030View Salaries
City of Portland
ME2023employees: 1227average:$50,334
City of PortlandME 1,227 $50,334View Salaries
City of Presque Isle
ME2023employees: 97average:$58,802
City of Presque IsleME 97 $58,802View Salaries
City of Rockland
ME2023employees: 80average:$68,836
City of RocklandME 80 $68,836View Salaries
City of Saco
ME2023employees: 220average:$61,245
City of SacoME 220 $61,245View Salaries
City of Sanford
ME2023employees: 312average:$57,448
City of SanfordME 312 $57,448View Salaries
City of South Portland
ME2023employees: 327average:$59,033
City of South PortlandME 327 $59,033View Salaries
City of Waterville
ME2023employees: 70average:$73,571
City of WatervilleME 70 $73,571View Salaries
City of Westbrook
ME2023employees: 224average:$60,743
City of WestbrookME 224 $60,743View Salaries