City Salaries in Delaware

City Payrolls

City NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
City Of Milford
DE2019employees: 173average:$42,989
City Of MilfordDE 173 $42,989View Salaries
City of Dover
DE2017employees: 495average:$45,189
City of DoverDE 495 $45,189View Salaries
City of Harrington
DE2017employees: 36average:$38,761
City of HarringtonDE 36 $38,761View Salaries
City of New Castle
DE2019employees: 52average:$43,370
City of New CastleDE 52 $43,370View Salaries
City of Seaford
DE2017employees: 104average:$46,711
City of SeafordDE 104 $46,711View Salaries
City of Wilmington
DE2017employees: 1223average:$56,642
City of WilmingtonDE 1,223 $56,642View Salaries