School District Salaries in Arkansas

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Capitol City Lighthouse Academy
AR2021employees: 36average:$25,270
Capitol City Lighthouse AcademyAR 36 $25,270View Salaries
Covenantkeepers Charter School
AR2019employees: 17average:$18,184
Covenantkeepers Charter SchoolAR 17 $18,184View Salaries
Friendship Aspire Academy Public Charter School at Little Rock
AR2022employees: 32average:$35,190
Friendship Aspire Academy Public Charter School at Little RockAR 32 $35,190View Salaries
Friendship Aspire Academy Public Charter School at Pine Bluff
AR2022employees: 56average:$42,917
Friendship Aspire Academy Public Charter School at Pine BluffAR 56 $42,917View Salaries
Haas Hall Bentonville
AR2020employees: 28average:$48,471
Haas Hall BentonvilleAR 28 $48,471View Salaries
Hartford School District
AR2015employees: 62average:$30,929
Hartford School DistrictAR 62 $30,929View Salaries
Hughes School District
AR2015employees: 80average:$29,369
Hughes School DistrictAR 80 $29,369View Salaries
Little Rock Preparatory Academy
AR2020employees: 38average:$32,919
Little Rock Preparatory AcademyAR 38 $32,919View Salaries
Mulberry School District
AR2015employees: 76average:$29,325
Mulberry School DistrictAR 76 $29,325View Salaries
Ozark Montessori Academy Springdale
AR2019employees: 30average:$25,964
Ozark Montessori Academy SpringdaleAR 30 $25,964View Salaries
Pine Bluff Lighthouse Academy
AR2021employees: 42average:$32,443
Pine Bluff Lighthouse AcademyAR 42 $32,443View Salaries
Premier High School North Little Rock
AR2022employees: 18average:$20,726
Premier High School North Little RockAR 18 $20,726View Salaries
Responsive Ed Solutions Quest Middle School of Pine Bluff
AR2019employees: 22average:$31,958
Responsive Ed Solutions Quest Middle School of Pine BluffAR 22 $31,958View Salaries
Responsive Education Solutions Quest Middle School Of Little Rock
AR2018employees: 20average:$34,619
Responsive Education Solutions Quest Middle School Of Little RockAR 20 $34,619View Salaries
Riverside Vocation Tech School
AR2018employees: 34average:$42,721
Riverside Vocation Tech SchoolAR 34 $42,721View Salaries
Riverside Vocation Technical School
AR2020employees: 34average:$45,336
Riverside Vocation Technical SchoolAR 34 $45,336View Salaries
Rockbridge Montessori
AR2018employees: 17average:$33,471
Rockbridge MontessoriAR 17 $33,471View Salaries
Siatech Little Rock Charter
AR2019employees: 11average:$48,328
Siatech Little Rock CharterAR 11 $48,328View Salaries
Southeast Arkansas Preparatory High School
AR2020employees: 19average:$21,365
Southeast Arkansas Preparatory High SchoolAR 19 $21,365View Salaries
Western Yell Co. School Dist.
AR2018employees: 80average:$29,394
Western Yell Co. School Dist.AR 80 $29,394View Salaries
Alpena School District
AR2023employees: 73average:$42,564
Alpena School DistrictAR 73 $42,564View Salaries
Armorel School District
AR2023employees: 70average:$44,241
Armorel School DistrictAR 70 $44,241View Salaries
Calico Rock School District
AR2023employees: 79average:$36,366
Calico Rock School DistrictAR 79 $36,366View Salaries
County Line School District
AR2023employees: 82average:$42,129
County Line School DistrictAR 82 $42,129View Salaries
Cutter-Morning Star School District
AR2023employees: 81average:$43,619
Cutter-Morning Star School DistrictAR 81 $43,619View Salaries
Dermott School District
AR2023employees: 78average:$38,014
Dermott School DistrictAR 78 $38,014View Salaries
Earle School District
AR2023employees: 76average:$42,631
Earle School DistrictAR 76 $42,631View Salaries
Future School of Fort Smith
AR2023employees: 50average:$35,094
Future School of Fort SmithAR 50 $35,094View Salaries
Graduate Arkansas
AR2023employees: 12average:$49,264
Graduate ArkansasAR 12 $49,264View Salaries
Great Rivers Education Service Cooperative
AR2023employees: 48average:$59,544
Great Rivers Education Service CooperativeAR 48 $59,544View Salaries
Guy Fenter Education Service Cooperative
AR2023employees: 71average:$55,077
Guy Fenter Education Service CooperativeAR 71 $55,077View Salaries
Guy-Perkins School District
AR2023employees: 69average:$35,112
Guy-Perkins School DistrictAR 69 $35,112View Salaries
Hillcrest School District
AR2023employees: 60average:$52,350
Hillcrest School DistrictAR 60 $52,350View Salaries
Imboden Charter School District
AR2023employees: 16average:$27,416
Imboden Charter School DistrictAR 16 $27,416View Salaries
Kirby School District
AR2023employees: 66average:$40,675
Kirby School DistrictAR 66 $40,675View Salaries
Lead Hill School District
AR2023employees: 73average:$35,385
Lead Hill School DistrictAR 73 $35,385View Salaries
Marvell-Elaine School District
AR2023employees: 68average:$39,828
Marvell-Elaine School DistrictAR 68 $39,828View Salaries
Mount Ida School District
AR2023employees: 78average:$42,588
Mount Ida School DistrictAR 78 $42,588View Salaries
Mt. Vernon/Enola School District
AR2023employees: 82average:$42,852
Mt. Vernon/Enola School DistrictAR 82 $42,852View Salaries
Nevada School District
AR2023employees: 79average:$39,263
Nevada School DistrictAR 79 $39,263View Salaries
Norfork School District
AR2023employees: 71average:$45,826
Norfork School DistrictAR 71 $45,826View Salaries
North Central Arkansas Education Cooperative
AR2023employees: 73average:$49,852
North Central Arkansas Education CooperativeAR 73 $49,852View Salaries
Omaha School District
AR2023employees: 75average:$40,778
Omaha School DistrictAR 75 $40,778View Salaries
Ouachita School District
AR2023employees: 69average:$43,056
Ouachita School DistrictAR 69 $43,056View Salaries
Poyen School District
AR2023employees: 68average:$41,457
Poyen School DistrictAR 68 $41,457View Salaries
Responsive Ed Solutions Premier High School of Little Rock
AR2023employees: 34average:$22,850
Responsive Ed Solutions Premier High School of Little RockAR 34 $22,850View Salaries
ScholarMade Achievement Place of Arkansas
AR2023employees: 75average:$42,095
ScholarMade Achievement Place of ArkansasAR 75 $42,095View Salaries
Scranton School District
AR2023employees: 71average:$38,434
Scranton School DistrictAR 71 $38,434View Salaries
Shirley School District
AR2023employees: 71average:$34,601
Shirley School DistrictAR 71 $34,601View Salaries
South Central Service Cooperative
AR2023employees: 63average:$42,417
South Central Service CooperativeAR 63 $42,417View Salaries
Southwest Arkansas Cooperative
AR2023employees: 56average:$47,963
Southwest Arkansas CooperativeAR 56 $47,963View Salaries
Strong-Huttig School District
AR2023employees: 64average:$39,454
Strong-Huttig School DistrictAR 64 $39,454View Salaries
The Excel Center
AR2023employees: 33average:$23,690
The Excel CenterAR 33 $23,690View Salaries
Viola School District
AR2023employees: 78average:$38,110
Viola School DistrictAR 78 $38,110View Salaries
Western Yell County School District
AR2023employees: 65average:$42,494
Western Yell County School DistrictAR 65 $42,494View Salaries
Wilbur D. Mills Education Cooperative
AR2023employees: 80average:$50,333
Wilbur D. Mills Education CooperativeAR 80 $50,333View Salaries
Hope Academy of Northwest Arkansas
AR2023employees: 29average:$29,945
Hope Academy of Northwest ArkansasAR 29 $29,945View Salaries
Premier High School - Springdale
AR2022employees: 5average:$38,920
Premier High School - SpringdaleAR 5 $38,920View Salaries
Premier High Schools of Arkansas
AR2023employees: 42average:$33,490
Premier High Schools of ArkansasAR 42 $33,490View Salaries
Westwind School for Performing Arts
AR2023employees: 12average:$29,978
Westwind School for Performing ArtsAR 12 $29,978View Salaries