School District Salaries in Idaho

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Arbon Elementary District
ID2022employees: 9average:$19,906
Arbon Elementary DistrictID 9 $19,906View Salaries
Avery Elementary District
ID2020employees: 12average:$20,483
Avery Elementary DistrictID 12 $20,483View Salaries
Avery School District
ID2017employees: 9average:$20,161
Avery School DistrictID 9 $20,161View Salaries
Bliss Joint District
ID2022employees: 27average:$37,916
Bliss Joint DistrictID 27 $37,916View Salaries
Camas County District
ID2022employees: 35average:$35,837
Camas County DistrictID 35 $35,837View Salaries
Cambridge Joint District
ID2022employees: 33average:$35,503
Cambridge Joint DistrictID 33 $35,503View Salaries
Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy Inc.
ID2022employees: 32average:$37,294
Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy Inc.ID 32 $37,294View Salaries
Clark County District
ID2022employees: 30average:$32,934
Clark County DistrictID 30 $32,934View Salaries
Culdesac Joint District
ID2022employees: 36average:$29,021
Culdesac Joint DistrictID 36 $29,021View Salaries
Dietrich District
ID2022employees: 33average:$35,992
Dietrich DistrictID 33 $35,992View Salaries
Falcon Ridge Charter School
ID2016employees: 37average:$21,536
Falcon Ridge Charter SchoolID 37 $21,536View Salaries
Forrester Academy Inc.
ID2019employees: 37average:$31,700
Forrester Academy Inc.ID 37 $31,700View Salaries
Gem Prep: Meridian Inc.
ID2022employees: 39average:$38,019
Gem Prep: Meridian Inc.ID 39 $38,019View Salaries
Gem Prep: Nampa Inc.
ID2022employees: 36average:$40,752
Gem Prep: Nampa Inc.ID 36 $40,752View Salaries
Heritage Academy Inc.
ID2022employees: 34average:$31,771
Heritage Academy Inc.ID 34 $31,771View Salaries
Highland Joint District
ID2022employees: 36average:$40,136
Highland Joint DistrictID 36 $40,136View Salaries
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind
ID2022employees: 21average:$52,239
Idaho Bureau of Educational Services for the Deaf and the BlindID 21 $52,239View Salaries
Idaho College And Career Readiness Academy Inc.
ID2022employees: 20average:$43,690
Idaho College And Career Readiness Academy Inc.ID 20 $43,690View Salaries
Idaho Distance Education Academy Inc.
ID2019employees: 38average:$43,350
Idaho Distance Education Academy Inc.ID 38 $43,350View Salaries
Idaho Stem Academy Inc.
ID2022employees: 18average:$40,641
Idaho Stem Academy Inc.ID 18 $40,641View Salaries
Idaho Virtual High School District
ID2016employees: 30average:$39,701
Idaho Virtual High School DistrictID 30 $39,701View Salaries
Isucceed Virtual High School
ID2016employees: 20average:$25,856
Isucceed Virtual High SchoolID 20 $25,856View Salaries
Kootenai Bridge Academy
ID2016employees: 12average:$46,661
Kootenai Bridge AcademyID 12 $46,661View Salaries
Ktec - Kootenai Technical Education Campus
ID2022employees: 19average:$45,109
Ktec - Kootenai Technical Education CampusID 19 $45,109View Salaries
Legacy Public Charter School Inc.
ID2022employees: 36average:$31,873
Legacy Public Charter School Inc.ID 36 $31,873View Salaries
Meadows Valley District
ID2022employees: 31average:$38,571
Meadows Valley DistrictID 31 $38,571View Salaries
Meridian Medical Arts Charter
ID2016employees: 17average:$50,843
Meridian Medical Arts CharterID 17 $50,843View Salaries
Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School Inc.
ID2022employees: 22average:$54,124
Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School Inc.ID 22 $54,124View Salaries
Meridian Technical Charter High School Inc.
ID2022employees: 19average:$61,019
Meridian Technical Charter High School Inc.ID 19 $61,019View Salaries
Monticello Montessori Charter School
ID2016employees: 26average:$21,864
Monticello Montessori Charter SchoolID 26 $21,864View Salaries
Monticello Montessori Charter School Inc.
ID2022employees: 25average:$32,469
Monticello Montessori Charter School Inc.ID 25 $32,469View Salaries
Moscow Charter School
ID2016employees: 27average:$21,657
Moscow Charter SchoolID 27 $21,657View Salaries
Moscow Charter School Inc.
ID2022employees: 29average:$30,471
Moscow Charter School Inc.ID 29 $30,471View Salaries
Mullan District
ID2022employees: 34average:$37,749
Mullan DistrictID 34 $37,749View Salaries
North Valley Academy
ID2016employees: 25average:$32,737
North Valley AcademyID 25 $32,737View Salaries
North Valley Academy Inc.
ID2022employees: 38average:$27,310
North Valley Academy Inc.ID 38 $27,310View Salaries
Palouse Prairie Educational Organization Inc.
ID2022employees: 28average:$33,001
Palouse Prairie Educational Organization Inc.ID 28 $33,001View Salaries
Pathways In Education - Nampa Inc.
ID2022employees: 11average:$51,319
Pathways In Education - Nampa Inc.ID 11 $51,319View Salaries
Payette River Technical Academy Inc.
ID2022employees: 16average:$50,278
Payette River Technical Academy Inc.ID 16 $50,278View Salaries
Peace Valley Charter School Inc.
ID2022employees: 37average:$34,465
Peace Valley Charter School Inc.ID 37 $34,465View Salaries
Pleasant Valley Elementary District
ID2022employees: 2average:$32,375
Pleasant Valley Elementary DistrictID 2 $32,375View Salaries
Pocatello Community Charter
ID2016employees: 35average:$29,010
Pocatello Community CharterID 35 $29,010View Salaries
Prairie Elementary District
ID2022employees: 5average:$15,794
Prairie Elementary DistrictID 5 $15,794View Salaries
Project Impact Stem Academy Inc.
ID2022employees: 28average:$41,855
Project Impact Stem Academy Inc.ID 28 $41,855View Salaries
Richard Mckenna Charter High School
ID2015employees: 29average:$40,575
Richard Mckenna Charter High SchoolID 29 $40,575View Salaries
Richfield District
ID2022employees: 31average:$37,492
Richfield DistrictID 31 $37,492View Salaries
Rockland District
ID2022employees: 29average:$38,496
Rockland DistrictID 29 $38,496View Salaries
Rolling Hills Charter School
ID2016employees: 28average:$27,653
Rolling Hills Charter SchoolID 28 $27,653View Salaries
S E I Tec Charter School Inc.
ID2022employees: 23average:$27,510
S E I Tec Charter School Inc.ID 23 $27,510View Salaries
Salmon River Joint School Dist
ID2017employees: 39average:$27,003
Salmon River Joint School DistID 39 $27,003View Salaries
Sandpoint Charter School Inc.
ID2022employees: 37average:$41,783
Sandpoint Charter School Inc.ID 37 $41,783View Salaries
South Lemhi District
ID2022employees: 37average:$25,611
South Lemhi DistrictID 37 $25,611View Salaries
Swan Valley Elementary District
ID2022employees: 17average:$27,456
Swan Valley Elementary DistrictID 17 $27,456View Salaries
Syringa Mountain School Inc.
ID2022employees: 28average:$23,974
Syringa Mountain School Inc.ID 28 $23,974View Salaries
The Kootenai Bridge Academy Inc.
ID2022employees: 18average:$47,294
The Kootenai Bridge Academy Inc.ID 18 $47,294View Salaries
The Village Charter School District
ID2016employees: 39average:$24,965
The Village Charter School DistrictID 39 $24,965View Salaries
The Village Charter School Inc.
ID2022employees: 28average:$36,930
The Village Charter School Inc.ID 28 $36,930View Salaries
Three Creek Joint Elementary District
ID2022employees: 2average:$43,218
Three Creek Joint Elementary DistrictID 2 $43,218View Salaries
Upper Carmen Public Charter School Inc.
ID2022employees: 11average:$29,239
Upper Carmen Public Charter School Inc.ID 11 $29,239View Salaries
Wood River Waldorf Methods School A Public Charter School District
ID2016employees: 21average:$28,012
Wood River Waldorf Methods School A Public Charter School DistrictID 21 $28,012View Salaries