School District Salaries in New York

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Abbott Union Free Schools
NY2012employees: 1average:$13,392
Abbott Union Free SchoolsNY 1 $13,392View Salaries
Atmosphere Charter School
NY2016employees: 1average:$77,480
Atmosphere Charter SchoolNY 1 $77,480View Salaries
Berkshire Union Free Schools
NY2021employees: 5average:$42,300
Berkshire Union Free SchoolsNY 5 $42,300View Salaries
Bushwick Hs - K
NY2016employees: 2average:$68,260
Bushwick Hs - KNY 2 $68,260View Salaries
Central Ny School Bds Assoc
NY2018employees: 2average:$82,832
Central Ny School Bds AssocNY 2 $82,832View Salaries
Community Charter School
NY2016employees: 1average:$14,665
Community Charter SchoolNY 1 $14,665View Salaries
Concord Hs (old 12) - S.i.
NY2016employees: 20average:$82,935
Concord Hs (old 12) - S.i.NY 20 $82,935View Salaries
Cuny School Of Law Eh
NY2018employees: 2average:$90,507
Cuny School Of Law EhNY 2 $90,507View Salaries
Cuny School Of Law Lag
NY2018employees: 14average:$159,336
Cuny School Of Law LagNY 14 $159,336View Salaries
Ford Edward Public Schools
NY2013employees: 21average:$28,671
Ford Edward Public SchoolsNY 21 $28,671View Salaries
G Washington Hs - Manhattan
NY2016employees: 4average:$43,756
G Washington Hs - ManhattanNY 4 $43,756View Salaries
Genesee Comm Charter School
NY2018employees: 3average:$36,392
Genesee Comm Charter SchoolNY 3 $36,392View Salaries
Harvey Milk School - Manhattan
NY2016employees: 17average:$64,373
Harvey Milk School - ManhattanNY 17 $64,373View Salaries
Hopevale Union Free Schools
NY2012employees: 8average:$8,838
Hopevale Union Free SchoolsNY 8 $8,838View Salaries
Inlet Common School District
NY2019employees: 2average:$4,445
Inlet Common School DistrictNY 2 $4,445View Salaries
Inlet Common Schools
NY2022employees: 2average:$14,907
Inlet Common SchoolsNY 2 $14,907View Salaries
John Jay Hs - K
NY2016employees: 4average:$44,739
John Jay Hs - KNY 4 $44,739View Salaries
Julia Richman Hs - Manhattan
NY2016employees: 4average:$45,113
Julia Richman Hs - ManhattanNY 4 $45,113View Salaries
Kipp Sankofa Charter School
NY2008employees: 21average:$29,930
Kipp Sankofa Charter SchoolNY 21 $29,930View Salaries
Lehman Hs - Bronx
NY2016employees: 1average:$33,257
Lehman Hs - BronxNY 1 $33,257View Salaries
New Suffolk Common Schools
NY2022employees: 10average:$28,444
New Suffolk Common SchoolsNY 10 $28,444View Salaries
North Greenbush Common Schools
NY2022employees: 12average:$30,576
North Greenbush Common SchoolsNY 12 $30,576View Salaries
North Queens Community Hs - Q
NY2016employees: 19average:$79,252
North Queens Community Hs - QNY 19 $79,252View Salaries
Old Erasmus Hall Hs - K
NY2016employees: 2average:$18,053
Old Erasmus Hall Hs - KNY 2 $18,053View Salaries
Piseco Common Schools
NY2022employees: 4average:$23,494
Piseco Common SchoolsNY 4 $23,494View Salaries
Putnam Central Schools
NY2022employees: 19average:$39,255
Putnam Central SchoolsNY 19 $39,255View Salaries
Raquette Lake Union Free Schools
NY2022employees: 2average:$12,446
Raquette Lake Union Free SchoolsNY 2 $12,446View Salaries
Redirection Alt Hs - Brooklyn
NY2016employees: 1average:$73,571
Redirection Alt Hs - BrooklynNY 1 $73,571View Salaries
Renaissance Charter School - Q
NY2016employees: 3average:$64,867
Renaissance Charter School - QNY 3 $64,867View Salaries
Sagaponack Common Schools
NY2022employees: 4average:$63,537
Sagaponack Common SchoolsNY 4 $63,537View Salaries
Sarah J Hale Hs - K
NY2016employees: 1average:$136,503
Sarah J Hale Hs - KNY 1 $136,503View Salaries
School Of Journalism Lag
NY2018employees: 5average:$156,731
School Of Journalism LagNY 5 $156,731View Salaries
School Of Medicine Lag
NY2018employees: 13average:$149,049
School Of Medicine LagNY 13 $149,049View Salaries
School Of Professional St Lag
NY2018employees: 10average:$122,792
School Of Professional St LagNY 10 $122,792View Salaries
School Of Public Health Lag
NY2018employees: 10average:$199,919
School Of Public Health LagNY 10 $199,919View Salaries
South Bronx Hs (old 38) - Bron
NY2016employees: 4average:$29,141
South Bronx Hs (old 38) - BronNY 4 $29,141View Salaries
South Brooklyn Comm. Hs - K
NY2016employees: 21average:$67,364
South Brooklyn Comm. Hs - KNY 21 $67,364View Salaries
Suny Health Sci Center At Brooklyn (28100)
NY2018employees: 21average:$182,440
Suny Health Sci Center At Brooklyn (28100)NY 21 $182,440View Salaries
Suny Health Sci Center At Syracuse (28110)
NY2018employees: 8average:$42,642
Suny Health Sci Center At Syracuse (28110)NY 8 $42,642View Salaries
Theodore Roosevelt Hs - X
NY2016employees: 9average:$20,558
Theodore Roosevelt Hs - XNY 9 $20,558View Salaries
Trinity Lutheran School
NY2016employees: 1average:$118,234
Trinity Lutheran SchoolNY 1 $118,234View Salaries
Van Hornesville-O D Young Central Schools
NY2022employees: 18average:$29,476
Van Hornesville-O D Young Central SchoolsNY 18 $29,476View Salaries
Var Alt Hs Prg (old Boys Hs)-k
NY2016employees: 1average:$136,503
Var Alt Hs Prg (old Boys Hs)-kNY 1 $136,503View Salaries
W.e.b. Dubois Hs - Brooklyn
NY2016employees: 15average:$84,239
W.e.b. Dubois Hs - BrooklynNY 15 $84,239View Salaries
Wainscott Common School District
NY2022employees: 2average:$43,706
Wainscott Common School DistrictNY 2 $43,706View Salaries
West Park Union Free Schools
NY2012employees: 1average:$6,346
West Park Union Free SchoolsNY 1 $6,346View Salaries
Westminster Comm Chart School
NY2018employees: 11average:$25,140
Westminster Comm Chart SchoolNY 11 $25,140View Salaries
Westport Csd
NY2018employees: 18average:$23,256
Westport CsdNY 18 $23,256View Salaries
Buffalo Creek Academy Charter School
NY2023employees: 5average:$51,818
Buffalo Creek Academy Charter SchoolNY 5 $51,818View Salaries
Citizenship and Science Academy of Rochester Charter School
NY2023employees: 21average:$43,589
Citizenship and Science Academy of Rochester Charter SchoolNY 21 $43,589View Salaries
Inlet Common SD
NY2023employees: 2average:$15,500
Inlet Common SDNY 2 $15,500View Salaries
New Roots Charter School
NY2023employees: 20average:$35,210
New Roots Charter SchoolNY 20 $35,210View Salaries
New Suffolk Common SD
NY2023employees: 7average:$42,139
New Suffolk Common SDNY 7 $42,139View Salaries
North Greenbush Common SD (Williams)
NY2023employees: 16average:$31,178
North Greenbush Common SD (Williams)NY 16 $31,178View Salaries
Piseco Common SD
NY2023employees: 4average:$12,161
Piseco Common SDNY 4 $12,161View Salaries
Putnam CSD
NY2023employees: 19average:$44,809
Putnam CSDNY 19 $44,809View Salaries
Raquette Lake UFSD
NY2023employees: 3average:$7,746
Raquette Lake UFSDNY 3 $7,746View Salaries
Sagaponack Common SD
NY2023employees: 4average:$48,947
Sagaponack Common SDNY 4 $48,947View Salaries
Van Hornesville-Owen D Young CSD
NY2023employees: 17average:$30,363
Van Hornesville-Owen D Young CSDNY 17 $30,363View Salaries
Wainscott Common SD
NY2023employees: 2average:$47,766
Wainscott Common SDNY 2 $47,766View Salaries