School District Salaries in North Dakota

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Academy for Children Montessori School & Child Care Center
ND2022employees: 4average:$14,261
Academy for Children Montessori School & Child Care CenterND 4 $14,261View Salaries
Academy For Children School
ND2015employees: 4average:$7,930
Academy For Children SchoolND 4 $7,930View Salaries
Bakker Elementary School
ND2022employees: 4average:$12,911
Bakker Elementary SchoolND 4 $12,911View Salaries
Brave Center Academy
ND2022employees: 5average:$48,361
Brave Center AcademyND 5 $48,361View Salaries
Brentwood Adventist Christian School
ND2022employees: 2average:$49,000
Brentwood Adventist Christian SchoolND 2 $49,000View Salaries
Burleigh County Special Education Unit
ND2022employees: 5average:$24,966
Burleigh County Special Education UnitND 5 $24,966View Salaries
Children's Montessori Center
ND2018employees: 1average:$30,000
Children's Montessori CenterND 1 $30,000View Salaries
Del Easton Alt High School
ND2018employees: 2average:$59,778
Del Easton Alt High SchoolND 2 $59,778View Salaries
Del Easton Alternative High School
ND2022employees: 2average:$68,408
Del Easton Alternative High SchoolND 2 $68,408View Salaries
Dickinson Adventist Christian School
ND2017employees: 1average:$50,000
Dickinson Adventist Christian SchoolND 1 $50,000View Salaries
Emmons County Special Education
ND2019employees: 2average:$43,785
Emmons County Special EducationND 2 $43,785View Salaries
Forest River School
ND2016employees: 2average:N/A
Forest River SchoolND 2 N/AView Salaries
Fort Yates Special Education Unit
ND2022employees: 5average:$36,329
Fort Yates Special Education UnitND 5 $36,329View Salaries
Grand Forks Montessori Academy
ND2022employees: 1average:$15
Grand Forks Montessori AcademyND 1 $15View Salaries
Grant Colony School
ND2018employees: 1average:$37,340
Grant Colony SchoolND 1 $37,340View Salaries
Great Northwest Area Career & Technology Center
ND2022employees: 4average:$13,518
Great Northwest Area Career & Technology CenterND 4 $13,518View Salaries
Hazen Middle School
ND2018employees: 5average:$14
Hazen Middle SchoolND 5 $14View Salaries
Hillcrest Sda School
ND2018employees: 2average:$41,000
Hillcrest Sda SchoolND 2 $41,000View Salaries
Hillcrest Seventh-day Adventist School
ND2022employees: 1average:$34,526
Hillcrest Seventh-day Adventist SchoolND 1 $34,526View Salaries
Holy Spirit Elem School
ND2017employees: 1average:$1
Holy Spirit Elem SchoolND 1 $1View Salaries
Horse Creek 32
ND2015employees: 2average:$17,258
Horse Creek 32ND 2 $17,258View Salaries
Horse Creek 32 School District
ND2022employees: 3average:$15,878
Horse Creek 32 School DistrictND 3 $15,878View Salaries
Horse Creek School
ND2018employees: 3average:$10,344
Horse Creek SchoolND 3 $10,344View Salaries
Invitation Hill Seventh Day Adventist School
ND2022employees: 2average:$46,500
Invitation Hill Seventh Day Adventist SchoolND 2 $46,500View Salaries
Lamoure Colony School
ND2022employees: 3average:$36,477
Lamoure Colony SchoolND 3 $36,477View Salaries
Little Heart 4
ND2015employees: 4average:$27,216
Little Heart 4ND 4 $27,216View Salaries
Lone Tree Special Education Unit
ND2022employees: 3average:$33,840
Lone Tree Special Education UnitND 3 $33,840View Salaries
Manning 45
ND2015employees: 3average:$28,094
Manning 45ND 3 $28,094View Salaries
Manning School
ND2018employees: 3average:$39,054
Manning SchoolND 3 $39,054View Salaries
Maple River Colony School
ND2022employees: 4average:$40,260
Maple River Colony SchoolND 4 $40,260View Salaries
Maple River Elem School
ND2018employees: 4average:$34,954
Maple River Elem SchoolND 4 $34,954View Salaries
Marmarth Elem School
ND2018employees: 4average:$20,997
Marmarth Elem SchoolND 4 $20,997View Salaries
Missouri Valley Montessori School
ND2022employees: 3average:$41,656
Missouri Valley Montessori SchoolND 3 $41,656View Salaries
Naughton 25
ND2015employees: 4average:$16,132
Naughton 25ND 4 $16,132View Salaries
Naughton School
ND2018employees: 4average:$22,634
Naughton SchoolND 4 $22,634View Salaries
Pembina Special Education Cooperative
ND2022employees: 3average:$40,685
Pembina Special Education CooperativeND 3 $40,685View Salaries
Prairie Voyager Adventist School
ND2018employees: 1average:$42,612
Prairie Voyager Adventist SchoolND 1 $42,612View Salaries
Prairie Voyager Seventh-day Adventist School
ND2021employees: 1average:$45,000
Prairie Voyager Seventh-day Adventist SchoolND 1 $45,000View Salaries
Red River Adventist Elem School
ND2017employees: 1average:$34,000
Red River Adventist Elem SchoolND 1 $34,000View Salaries
Roughrider Area Career & Technical Center School District
ND2022employees: 4average:$37,399
Roughrider Area Career & Technical Center School DistrictND 4 $37,399View Salaries
Southwest Community High School
ND2022employees: 4average:$58,124
Southwest Community High SchoolND 4 $58,124View Salaries
Spruce Lane Colony School
ND2022employees: 1average:$56,150
Spruce Lane Colony SchoolND 1 $56,150View Salaries
Squaw Gap School
ND2022employees: 2average:$13,906
Squaw Gap SchoolND 2 $13,906View Salaries
St Ann's Catholic School
ND2022employees: 3average:$18,676
St Ann's Catholic SchoolND 3 $18,676View Salaries
St Bernard Mission School
ND2022employees: 3average:$55,771
St Bernard Mission SchoolND 3 $55,771View Salaries
Sweet Briar 17
ND2015employees: 3average:$25,338
Sweet Briar 17ND 3 $25,338View Salaries
Sweet Briar School
ND2022employees: 4average:$32,227
Sweet Briar SchoolND 4 $32,227View Salaries
The Innovation School
ND2021employees: 5average:$4,000
The Innovation SchoolND 5 $4,000View Salaries
Victory Christian School
ND2022employees: 4average:$35,250
Victory Christian SchoolND 4 $35,250View Salaries
Wheatland Colony School
ND2022employees: 1average:$40,300
Wheatland Colony SchoolND 1 $40,300View Salaries
Wichakini Owayawa
ND2022employees: 4average:$11,265
Wichakini OwayawaND 4 $11,265View Salaries
Wichakini Owayawa Elem School
ND2018employees: 1average:$45,000
Wichakini Owayawa Elem SchoolND 1 $45,000View Salaries
Willow Bank Colony School
ND2022employees: 2average:$47,250
Willow Bank Colony SchoolND 2 $47,250View Salaries
Bakker Public School District
ND2022employees: 4average:$12,911
Bakker Public School DistrictND 4 $12,911View Salaries
Earl Public School District
ND2022employees: 2average:$13,906
Earl Public School DistrictND 2 $13,906View Salaries
Full Circle Academy
ND2022employees: 1average:$66,000
Full Circle AcademyND 1 $66,000View Salaries
Horse Creek Public School District
ND2022employees: 3average:$15,878
Horse Creek Public School DistrictND 3 $15,878View Salaries
Invitation Hill Adventist School
ND2022employees: 2average:$46,500
Invitation Hill Adventist SchoolND 2 $46,500View Salaries
School of the Holy Family
ND2022employees: 4average:$37,125
School of the Holy FamilyND 4 $37,125View Salaries
Sweet Briar Public School District
ND2022employees: 4average:$32,227
Sweet Briar Public School DistrictND 4 $32,227View Salaries