School District Salaries in Oklahoma

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Able Charter School 6Th-8Th
OK2017employees: 9average:$6,009
Able Charter School 6Th-8ThOK 9 $6,009View Salaries
Arkoma Junior High School
OK2021employees: 1average:$5,714
Arkoma Junior High SchoolOK 1 $5,714View Salaries
Asher Hs
OK2018employees: 9average:$22,553
Asher HsOK 9 $22,553View Salaries
Bd. Of Priv. Vocational Schools
OK2017employees: 3average:$46,317
Bd. Of Priv. Vocational SchoolsOK 3 $46,317View Salaries
Bunche Early Childhood Development Center
OK2020employees: 5average:$23,254
Bunche Early Childhood Development CenterOK 5 $23,254View Salaries
Bus Barn
OK2018employees: 1average:$7,884
Bus BarnOK 1 $7,884View Salaries
Capitol Hill Elementary School
OK2020employees: 3average:$285
Capitol Hill Elementary SchoolOK 3 $285View Salaries
Carlton Landing Academy Es
OK2018employees: 8average:$23,782
Carlton Landing Academy EsOK 8 $23,782View Salaries
Cave Springs Middle School
OK2021employees: 9average:$15,182
Cave Springs Middle SchoolOK 9 $15,182View Salaries
Coleman Hs
OK2018employees: 5average:$20,885
Coleman HsOK 5 $20,885View Salaries
Cyril Junior High School
OK2022employees: 4average:$31,340
Cyril Junior High SchoolOK 4 $31,340View Salaries
Douglass Middle School
OK2020employees: 2average:$5,550
Douglass Middle SchoolOK 2 $5,550View Salaries
Dove Science Academy (Okc)
OK2018employees: 1average:$5,025
Dove Science Academy (Okc)OK 1 $5,025View Salaries
Earlsboro Hs
OK2018employees: 9average:$20,749
Earlsboro HsOK 9 $20,749View Salaries
Edwards Elementary School
OK2020employees: 2average:$165
Edwards Elementary SchoolOK 2 $165View Salaries
Emerson Alternative Ed. (Ms)
OK2017employees: 3average:$4,455
Emerson Alternative Ed. (Ms)OK 3 $4,455View Salaries
Epic One On One Charter Hs
OK2018employees: 4average:$31,715
Epic One On One Charter HsOK 4 $31,715View Salaries
Epic One On One Charter Ms
OK2018employees: 2average:$34,037
Epic One On One Charter MsOK 2 $34,037View Salaries
F.D. Moon Elementary School
OK2020employees: 3average:$97
F.D. Moon Elementary SchoolOK 3 $97View Salaries
Gatewood Elementary School
OK2020employees: 1average:$451
Gatewood Elementary SchoolOK 1 $451View Salaries
Grant-Foreman Elementary School
OK2020employees: 1average:$24,809
Grant-Foreman Elementary SchoolOK 1 $24,809View Salaries
Green Pastures Elementary School
OK2020employees: 1average:$101
Green Pastures Elementary SchoolOK 1 $101View Salaries
Greystone Elementary School
OK2020employees: 2average:$742
Greystone Elementary SchoolOK 2 $742View Salaries
Hanna Hs
OK2018employees: 7average:$17,502
Hanna HsOK 7 $17,502View Salaries
Hardesty High School
OK2022employees: 8average:$28,312
Hardesty High SchoolOK 8 $28,312View Salaries
Hulbert Jr-Sr Hs (Jr)
OK2017employees: 8average:$29,319
Hulbert Jr-Sr Hs (Jr)OK 8 $29,319View Salaries
Hulbert Middle School
OK2022employees: 8average:$35,686
Hulbert Middle SchoolOK 8 $35,686View Salaries
J. W. Sam Elementary School
OK2019employees: 2average:$9,223
J. W. Sam Elementary SchoolOK 2 $9,223View Salaries
Johnson Elementary School
OK2020employees: 7average:$25,338
Johnson Elementary SchoolOK 7 $25,338View Salaries
Keyes Elementary School
OK2020employees: 7average:$24,766
Keyes Elementary SchoolOK 7 $24,766View Salaries
Keyes High School
OK2020employees: 4average:$24,291
Keyes High SchoolOK 4 $24,291View Salaries
Linwood Elementary School
OK2020employees: 5average:$12,243
Linwood Elementary SchoolOK 5 $12,243View Salaries
Mary Golda Ross Elementary School
OK2020employees: 2average:$222
Mary Golda Ross Elementary SchoolOK 2 $222View Salaries
Midway Hs
OK2018employees: 9average:$23,216
Midway HsOK 9 $23,216View Salaries
North Highland Elementary School
OK2020employees: 2average:$1,927
North Highland Elementary SchoolOK 2 $1,927View Salaries
Northeast High School
OK2020employees: 2average:$369
Northeast High SchoolOK 2 $369View Salaries
Northeast Middle School
OK2020employees: 1average:$4,949
Northeast Middle SchoolOK 1 $4,949View Salaries
Oklahoma Centennial High School
OK2020employees: 1average:$1,297
Oklahoma Centennial High SchoolOK 1 $1,297View Salaries
Oklahoma Connections Acad Es
OK2017employees: 1average:$40,500
Oklahoma Connections Acad EsOK 1 $40,500View Salaries
Oya Charter Manitou 6Th-8Th
OK2018employees: 1average:$41,200
Oya Charter Manitou 6Th-8ThOK 1 $41,200View Salaries
Oya Charter Tecumseh 6Th-8Th
OK2017employees: 1average:$1
Oya Charter Tecumseh 6Th-8ThOK 1 $1View Salaries
Panola High School
OK2020employees: 2average:$46,022
Panola High SchoolOK 2 $46,022View Salaries
Panola Hs
OK2018employees: 2average:$34,113
Panola HsOK 2 $34,113View Salaries
Parmelee Elementary School
OK2020employees: 5average:$3,414
Parmelee Elementary SchoolOK 5 $3,414View Salaries
Pawhuska Junior High School
OK2020employees: 1average:$12,812
Pawhuska Junior High SchoolOK 1 $12,812View Salaries
Piedmont Primary Elementary School
OK2022employees: 1average:$16,696
Piedmont Primary Elementary SchoolOK 1 $16,696View Salaries
Pierce Elementary School
OK2020employees: 1average:$7,105
Pierce Elementary SchoolOK 1 $7,105View Salaries
Putnam Heights Elementary School
OK2020employees: 1average:$103
Putnam Heights Elementary SchoolOK 1 $103View Salaries
Rancho Village Elementary School
OK2020employees: 1average:$97
Rancho Village Elementary SchoolOK 1 $97View Salaries
Rogers Middle School
OK2020employees: 1average:$1,946
Rogers Middle SchoolOK 1 $1,946View Salaries
Schulter Hs
OK2018employees: 8average:$20,872
Schulter HsOK 8 $20,872View Salaries
Shidler Ms
OK2018employees: 8average:$23,485
Shidler MsOK 8 $23,485View Salaries
St.Wide Virtual Charter School Board
OK2017employees: 3average:$64,352
St.Wide Virtual Charter School BoardOK 3 $64,352View Salaries
Telstar Elementary School
OK2020employees: 1average:$619
Telstar Elementary SchoolOK 1 $619View Salaries
Washington Early Childhood Center
OK2021employees: 1average:$19,841
Washington Early Childhood CenterOK 1 $19,841View Salaries
West Nichols Hills Elementary School
OK2020employees: 4average:$13,577
West Nichols Hills Elementary SchoolOK 4 $13,577View Salaries
Wheeler Elementary School
OK2020employees: 1average:$379
Wheeler Elementary SchoolOK 1 $379View Salaries
Will Rogers Middle School
OK2022employees: 1average:$1,434
Will Rogers Middle SchoolOK 1 $1,434View Salaries
E-School Virtual Charter Academy
OK2023employees: 3average:$11,815
E-School Virtual Charter AcademyOK 3 $11,815View Salaries
Gypsy Public School District
OK2023employees: 7average:$15,916
Gypsy Public School DistrictOK 7 $15,916View Salaries