School District Salaries in Massachusetts

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Accept Educational Collaborative
MA2018employees: 39average:$37,796
Accept Educational CollaborativeMA 39 $37,796View Salaries
Benjamin Banneker Charter School
MA2018employees: 36average:$64,571
Benjamin Banneker Charter SchoolMA 36 $64,571View Salaries
Berkshire Arts And Technology Charter
MA2018employees: 45average:$27,895
Berkshire Arts And Technology CharterMA 45 $27,895View Salaries
Bridge Boston Charter School
MA2018employees: 46average:$25,858
Bridge Boston Charter SchoolMA 46 $25,858View Salaries
Bristol County Agricultural
MA2018employees: 46average:$72,252
Bristol County AgriculturalMA 46 $72,252View Salaries
Caps Collaborative
MA2018employees: 37average:$41,511
Caps CollaborativeMA 37 $41,511View Salaries
Charms Collaborative
MA2017employees: 6average:$44,439
Charms CollaborativeMA 6 $44,439View Salaries
City On A Hill Charter - New Bedford
MA2018employees: 38average:$22,220
City On A Hill Charter - New BedfordMA 38 $22,220View Salaries
City On A Hill Charter 2
MA2018employees: 25average:$33,433
City On A Hill Charter 2MA 25 $33,433View Salaries
Conway Public Schools
MA2018employees: 23average:$50,228
Conway Public SchoolsMA 23 $50,228View Salaries
Eastham Public Schools
MA2018employees: 29average:$60,842
Eastham Public SchoolsMA 29 $60,842View Salaries
Edco Collaborative
MA2018employees: 38average:$48,146
Edco CollaborativeMA 38 $48,146View Salaries
Farmington River Public Schools
MA2018employees: 17average:$53,217
Farmington River Public SchoolsMA 17 $53,217View Salaries
Fllac Collaborative
MA2018employees: 45average:$62,416
Fllac CollaborativeMA 45 $62,416View Salaries
Florida Public Schools
MA2018employees: 19average:$25,896
Florida Public SchoolsMA 19 $25,896View Salaries
Gosnold Public Schools
MA2018employees: 1average:$28,998
Gosnold Public SchoolsMA 1 $28,998View Salaries
Hancock Public Schools
MA2018employees: 8average:$17,913
Hancock Public SchoolsMA 8 $17,913View Salaries
Hawlemont Regional
MA2018employees: 26average:$31,138
Hawlemont RegionalMA 26 $31,138View Salaries
Hillview Montessori Charter School
MA2018employees: 25average:$24,484
Hillview Montessori Charter SchoolMA 25 $24,484View Salaries
Leverett Public Schools
MA2018employees: 22average:$42,899
Leverett Public SchoolsMA 22 $42,899View Salaries
Libertas Academy Charter School
MA2018employees: 27average:$32,920
Libertas Academy Charter SchoolMA 27 $32,920View Salaries
Map Academy Charter School
MA2018employees: 13average:$32,653
Map Academy Charter SchoolMA 13 $32,653View Salaries
Marion Public Schools
MA2018employees: 45average:$52,072
Marion Public SchoolsMA 45 $52,072View Salaries
Mass Academy Of Math And Science
MA2018employees: 7average:$41,083
Mass Academy Of Math And ScienceMA 7 $41,083View Salaries
Massachusetts School Building Authority MSCBA
MA2017employees: 14average:$108,794
Massachusetts School Building Authority MSCBAMA 14 $108,794View Salaries
Monroe Public Schools
MA2018employees: 3average:$6,738
Monroe Public SchoolsMA 3 $6,738View Salaries
New Heights Charter Of Brockton
MA2018employees: 39average:$22,999
New Heights Charter Of BrocktonMA 39 $22,999View Salaries
New Salem-Wendell Regional School
MA2018employees: 26average:$51,847
New Salem-Wendell Regional SchoolMA 26 $51,847View Salaries
North River Collaborative School
MA2018employees: 48average:$47,675
North River Collaborative SchoolMA 48 $47,675View Salaries
MA2018employees: 17average:$16,194
NorthamptonMA 17 $16,194View Salaries
Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School
MA2018employees: 30average:$25,575
Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter SchoolMA 30 $25,575View Salaries
Pelham Public Schools
MA2018employees: 24average:$26,277
Pelham Public SchoolsMA 24 $26,277View Salaries
Phoenix Charter Academy
MA2018employees: 27average:$29,663
Phoenix Charter AcademyMA 27 $29,663View Salaries
Phoenix Charter Academy Springfield
MA2018employees: 23average:$40,191
Phoenix Charter Academy SpringfieldMA 23 $40,191View Salaries
Pioneer Charter School Of Science Ii
MA2018employees: 37average:$21,930
Pioneer Charter School Of Science IiMA 37 $21,930View Salaries
Rowe Public Schools
MA2018employees: 15average:$24,774
Rowe Public SchoolsMA 15 $24,774View Salaries
Savoy Public Schools
MA2018employees: 13average:$14,466
Savoy Public SchoolsMA 13 $14,466View Salaries
School District Of Assabet Valley Regional
MA2015employees: 3average:$60,951
School District Of Assabet Valley RegionalMA 3 $60,951View Salaries
School District Of Brockton
MA2015employees: 33average:$47,287
School District Of BrocktonMA 33 $47,287View Salaries
School District Of Edgartown
MA2015employees: 30average:$59,765
School District Of EdgartownMA 30 $59,765View Salaries
School District Of Florida
MA2016employees: 13average:$39,802
School District Of FloridaMA 13 $39,802View Salaries
School District Of Hilltown Cooperative Charter
MA2015employees: 40average:$38,414
School District Of Hilltown Cooperative CharterMA 40 $38,414View Salaries
School District Of Lowell Collegiate Charter
MA2015employees: 28average:$44,443
School District Of Lowell Collegiate CharterMA 28 $44,443View Salaries
School District of Marblehead Community Charter Public
MA2017employees: 43average:$48,800
School District of Marblehead Community Charter PublicMA 43 $48,800View Salaries
School District Of Nauset And School District Of Wellfleet
MA2015employees: 1average:$87,877
School District Of Nauset And School District Of WellfleetMA 1 $87,877View Salaries
School District of Petersham
MA2017employees: 42average:$25,405
School District of PetershamMA 42 $25,405View Salaries
School District Of Pioneer Charter School Of Science Ii
MA2015employees: 40average:$36,962
School District Of Pioneer Charter School Of Science IiMA 40 $36,962View Salaries
School District of Wales
MA2017employees: 35average:$34,298
School District of WalesMA 35 $34,298View Salaries
School District Of Wellfleet
MA2015employees: 23average:$59,384
School District Of WellfleetMA 23 $59,384View Salaries
Springfield Preparatory Charter School
MA2018employees: 36average:$23,483
Springfield Preparatory Charter SchoolMA 36 $23,483View Salaries
Sunderland Public Schools
MA2018employees: 32average:$32,725
Sunderland Public SchoolsMA 32 $32,725View Salaries
Town Of Easton And School District Of Easton
MA2015employees: 14average:$37,295
Town Of Easton And School District Of EastonMA 14 $37,295View Salaries
MA2018employees: 33average:$22,362
WesthamptonMA 33 $22,362View Salaries
Whately Public Schools
MA2018employees: 22average:$37,967
Whately Public SchoolsMA 22 $37,967View Salaries
MA2018employees: 46average:$21,765
WilliamsburgMA 46 $21,765View Salaries
MA2018employees: 20average:$21,372
WorthingtonMA 20 $21,372View Salaries
Worthington Public Schools
MA2018employees: 11average:$37,033
Worthington Public SchoolsMA 11 $37,033View Salaries
Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School
MA2022employees: 47average:$66,607
Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter SchoolMA 47 $66,607View Salaries
Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School District
MA2023employees: 15average:$22,191
Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School DistrictMA 15 $22,191View Salaries
Wellfleet Public Schools
MA2023employees: 40average:$48,592
Wellfleet Public SchoolsMA 40 $48,592View Salaries