School District Salaries in Vermont

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Addison Central School District
VT2020employees: 600average:$35,322
Addison Central School DistrictVT 600 $35,322View Salaries
Barre Unified Union School District
VT2022employees: 540average:$50,048
Barre Unified Union School DistrictVT 540 $50,048View Salaries
Battenkill Valley Supervisory Union
VT2020employees: 160average:$31,599
Battenkill Valley Supervisory UnionVT 160 $31,599View Salaries
Blue Mountain Union School
VT2020employees: 80average:$49,520
Blue Mountain Union SchoolVT 80 $49,520View Salaries
Blue Mountain Union School District
VT2017employees: 86average:$47,368
Blue Mountain Union School DistrictVT 86 $47,368View Salaries
Grand Isle Supervisory Union
VT2022employees: 221average:$30,353
Grand Isle Supervisory UnionVT 221 $30,353View Salaries
Lamoille North Supervisory Union and School District
VT2022employees: 523average:$42,967
Lamoille North Supervisory Union and School DistrictVT 523 $42,967View Salaries
Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District - Cesu
VT2022employees: 799average:$36,932
Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District - CesuVT 799 $36,932View Salaries
Orange East Supervisory Union
VT2020employees: 342average:$47,531
Orange East Supervisory UnionVT 342 $47,531View Salaries
Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union
VT2017employees: 168average:$34,061
Rutland Northeast Supervisory UnionVT 168 $34,061View Salaries
School District Of Milton
VT2017employees: 561average:$29,114
School District Of MiltonVT 561 $29,114View Salaries
Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union
VT2017employees: 427average:$24,187
Windsor Southeast Supervisory UnionVT 427 $24,187View Salaries
Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union
VT2022employees: 211average:$40,760
Orleans Southwest Supervisory UnionVT 211 $40,760View Salaries
Rutland City School District
VT2022employees: 719average:$42,843
Rutland City School DistrictVT 719 $42,843View Salaries
Harwood Unified Union School District
VT2022employees: 585average:$39,285
Harwood Unified Union School DistrictVT 585 $39,285View Salaries
Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union
VT2023employees: 490average:$35,554
Bennington-Rutland Supervisory UnionVT 490 $35,554View Salaries
Essex-Westford School District
VT2023employees: 1413average:$43,428
Essex-Westford School DistrictVT 1,413 $43,428View Salaries
Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union
VT2023employees: 398average:$19,089
Franklin Northeast Supervisory UnionVT 398 $19,089View Salaries
Franklin West Supervisory Union
VT2023employees: 321average:$47,405
Franklin West Supervisory UnionVT 321 $47,405View Salaries
Kingdom East School District
VT2023employees: 366average:$45,142
Kingdom East School DistrictVT 366 $45,142View Salaries
Lamoille South Supervisory Union
VT2023employees: 334average:$58,995
Lamoille South Supervisory UnionVT 334 $58,995View Salaries
Maple Run Unified School District
VT2023employees: 860average:$31,423
Maple Run Unified School DistrictVT 860 $31,423View Salaries
Mill River Unified Union School District
VT2023employees: 203average:$52,477
Mill River Unified Union School DistrictVT 203 $52,477View Salaries
Milton Town School District
VT2023employees: 421average:$42,028
Milton Town School DistrictVT 421 $42,028View Salaries
North Country Supervisory Union
VT2023employees: 157average:$47,499
North Country Supervisory UnionVT 157 $47,499View Salaries
Orange Southwest School District
VT2023employees: 284average:$52,229
Orange Southwest School DistrictVT 284 $52,229View Salaries
Slate Valley Unified School District
VT2023employees: 447average:$35,255
Slate Valley Unified School DistrictVT 447 $35,255View Salaries
Washington Central Unified Union School District
VT2023employees: 380average:$51,139
Washington Central Unified Union School DistrictVT 380 $51,139View Salaries
White River Valley Supervisory Union
VT2023employees: 314average:$13,034
White River Valley Supervisory UnionVT 314 $13,034View Salaries
Windham Central Supervisory Union
VT2023employees: 470average:$29,483
Windham Central Supervisory UnionVT 470 $29,483View Salaries